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"And the control of the body of the fire, seems to be more than one kind, can several different fire stable melt into the body, such skills, can be called the world, boy, go out in the future, can be more careful." Another gray clothes old man is also the vision slightly some surprise, immediately slow way.

"Thousand old, first go down to rest for a while, will be 100 old should be back." Sunlight swept in the sky, the previous group of magic valley of the strong, is also accompanied by Han Feng to escape, so the sky at the moment is empty empty, quiet appearance which has the previous war, the su dry when the hanging sky thousands of old smile.

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Who?" Xiao Yan voice plain way. A few friends came here today, unfortunately, the space wormhole just happened to be under repair these days, temporarily closed, but our strong people are doing their best to repair, I think soon, it will be able to open again." Smell speech, that yellow clothes old man inserted shake his head, way.

"Zhongzhou is indeed different from other places, the space wormhole, even in the black Horn domain -" there is no such thing ah. "on the griffin, Xiao Yan listened to Xinlan's talk about the space wormhole, but he had to suck his lips and smile.

There was a roar of wolf-like fire, which was blazing with amazing heat, and in a few blinks of an eye, it was under the dark cloud, and it slammed into it.

Eagle mountain old face is also some not too natural up, if mo tianxing quit, so they side, how to contend with Xiao Yan et al? After all, the other side plus Xiao Yan, but the equivalent of three douzong strong ah......

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A young face slowly from 2 people behind out, his palm gradually add force, at the moment as long as his palm strength a spit, is to get on the spot will be two people neck shock broken!

"Now that the problem has been solved, it must be only a matter of time for refining, right? Ha ha, if this boy really can one-time is refining seven product Dan medicine, that is really some great ah, as far as I know, even if some seven product refining pharmacist, tooth - hand refining seven product Dan medicine, but also has not low failure rate ah." Su Qian stroked his beard, looking at the stone face again become dignified up xiao Yan "smile

Xiao Yan awake again, is in a violent jolt, the kind of jolt to get its body

On both sides of the refining, it is need not short time, especially the refinement of the body, must achieve a certain degree, not being able to put in the soul as well as the magic nuclear to seal a perfect fit "and" seems to also know that this is not a moment to complete the task of, so the disc ZSZSZSZ sat down on a stone, is also gradually closed his eyes, Quietly waiting for the perfect fit to be reached:! R \} - 1 ".

Rubble flying, shimen instant is full of cracks, then bang, is crashing down, dazzling light, from the abrupt burst shot out.

See magic old ghost at yourself, ZSZSZSZ facial expression, and micro bone behind the wing vibration rush and feet above is flashing dazzling silver fern, every low typically ring, a residual film is will shine the sky, but in general the ghosting came less than a second time, is will be followed in the next moment the demons old ghost tore into nothingness.

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