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"Now you are not qualified for that."Xiao Yan smiled and a silver flash of lightning suddenly flashed under the soles of his feet. His body moved, and his figure suddenly appeared like a ghost like a blood spear. His fingers were clasped tightly, and the clear flame wrapped around it. With the blazing temperature, she smacked Fan's face without fancy.

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"I hope you're lucky this time."Lin Xiu-ya smiled faintly. Although her figure was almost a whole circle smaller than Liu Qing's, his special temperament did not make him pale in the presence of such giants as Liu Qing.

Slightly touch the face, Han Feng forced to stop immediately to let Xiao Yan disappear in this world impulse, voice dry harsh: "Where did you get this skill?"

Although that strong pressure by the Xiao Yan in front of a lot of, but some residual leakage, but still make a slight change in her face, backward two steps, in front of Xiao Yan shouted.

A short distance of several tens of meters, that twittering words are flash and flash, the sword in his hand is wrapped by the strong blue fighting qi bag, carrying the moist moisture, the fierce stab away at the willow lift, the sharp sword light in the moisture contamination, appears extremely cold.

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"By the way, we went to the mountains again a few days ago."After chatting with Xiao Yan for a while, Lin Xiu-ya suddenly opened his mouth.

Five hundred and forty victories!

Chapter 554 Promotion of Strength


Being frightened by the degree of these elders, Xiao Yan and other people did not dare to stay too much, but rushed out of the tower in a hurry.

Laughter like thunder, in the presence of echo, that burst of pride, even on the stands everyone, but also feel a blood boil feeling.

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