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Xiao Yan smiled, nodded, and in his conversation with the two, suddenly there was a servant to report, originally is the death personally will refine the "mixed yuan plastic bone pill" medicinal materials came over.

Seeing these Yunlanzong disciples didn't resist, Yaoye also quietly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. These guys of Yunlanzong have some strength. If they resist, there will be some trouble.

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".Unexpectedly, there are fourth-order demons here. Are they attracted by these rare herbs in the valley?"Looking up at the hovering beast, Xiao Yan murmured, then shook his head and stopped paying attention to it." With a movement of his figure, he turned into a dark shadow and swept away in the valley.

They shook their heads again, then they would no longer give Mount Mytelteng a chance to rest and talk back. The wings shook behind them, and they drew two arcs in the sky, one left and one right, and attacked the latter again!

"It's not the master, it's just bringing together some of the powers of the empire."Rampant Yan smiled, understated the way.

"Mr. Xiao Yan, please show mercy!"

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Cloud Mountain frowned. The ancient river is now a six-grade refining herbalist, which is of great benefit to his Yunlanzong.

Under the control of Xiao Yan, colorful liquid medicine does not have too much resistance to the green flame, sticky surface, in that terrible high temperature, gradually rise some tiny bubbles, bubble burst occasionally, will have an invisible smoke, under the temperature compression, shuttle into the liquid medicine, and finally quietly merge into the dark ring!

Emperor fighting, this extremely heavy rank in the Kama Empire, is enough to make a lot of people return to the buttercup, after all, this class, already can be counted as the real strong.

With Ziyan, he had just left the Imperial Capital. Xiao Yan net wanted to use his double wings to rush along, but Ziyan pulled his sleeve and little finger to the front, and said with a clear smile, "Where is Sister Colored Scale?""

"If you surrender, I'm afraid you'll be ashamed to see your clansmen. You'd better forget the master's suggestion."Xiao Yan smiled and smiled a little sarcastic. Her eyes swept again on Shao Bai's body. I don't know why her heart seemed to feel a familiar taste, but she wanted to grope, but she had no clue. After all, compared with those years, she has changed greatly in nature, appearance and appearance.

Cloud Lanshan at night.The towering peaks are hidden in darkness, and the light is like fireflies all over the mountains. Although the night is already deep, the peak is more heavily guarded than a hundred days.In the darkness, a secret whistle, the whole peak of any movement, is in the eyes.

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