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Of course, the power of Buddha anger lotus is great, but it needs a lot of condensation time. If it is interrupted in this time, then the fusion of fire lotus is not successful. However, Xiao Yan quietly condenses the lotus with the help of the "Flame Splits the Wave Ruler" and the "Guangyao Seal". No wonder after the energy dissipates, its face will be so pale. It is not because of the backfire in the confrontation, but because it condenses" Buddha Anger Lotus".

More and more thin consciousness, make Xiao Yan like stepping into a dark world, extremely weak murmur, with that last consciousness, quietly dissipated... In Xiao Yan consciousness into the dark that moment, its cross-legged sitting green lotus, suddenly light green, finally as if not able to bear that kind of high temperature general, unexpectedly is slowly melting with the increase of melting, the whole Qinglian quickly melt into a large group of cyan liquid, liquid spread, will Xiao Yan that ** body, completely pay "..."

And this is the difference between the fighting king and the fighting spirit, in the eyes of the real strong, only reach the dipper king, can be called the strong.

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"Oh, I hope it's the little one."

Strong strong wind pressure makes Liu Qing clothes tightly adhere to the skin, but its face, but it is not because of the fierce chop and the weight of the ruler and moved, eyes slightly look at the more heavy ruler, in its head only half a foot away, Liu Qing footstep just random to the left and right gently move a step.

Looking at Fan tuberculosis that confounded image, surrounding a dry black corner region strong although some schadenfreude disaster, but more, still surprised and dignified, with the former strength, unexpectedly will be that thin youth make so embarrassed, that guy, strength really so strong?

"How could Fan Phasei be forced by that young man to use such fighting skills?"

Su Qian frowned slightly, but also some difficult to decide: "According to the rules, two people are counted out of the field, and now is also unconscious, not clear who"

The sound of loud and clear force, suddenly sounded in the scene, a can be called a powerful storm of offensive ripples, suddenly from the two people's point of contact and surging out, scorn across the floor constantly out of the overwhelming click sound, a path of cracks, like a spider web general, from two people, from the two people under the rapid spread of two people

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"Yao Sheng, you can't lose to him!"On the high platform, looking at the Xiao Yan who suddenly rose suddenly, Liu Fei's pretty face was very anxious. She jumped up to her feet and shouted aloud. But before she could call out her last piece of trash, she sensed a cold-like stare from the other side. Her eyes were quick. It turned out to be the young girl in green named Huang Er, who, according to her nature, would never have cared for her, but when she saw the other side's indifferent eyes flashing a golden flame, a chill rose in her heart, and the waste in her mouth was swallowed alive.

"Direct arrest?Instead of trying in my heyday, I'd better wait quietly for the move of the inner court."Old Yao laughed at Xiao Yan's question."

"Take care of death!"All the strong college people are neat and drinkable, and in an instant, a strong momentum, surging into the sky!

Two eyes in the middle of the air intertwined, seems to have a real spark emerge, the atmosphere of tension, maintained between the two sides, look at this situation, it seems that there are some words to fight.

In the face of the flash of this sudden change of fierce attack, an arrow flaming eyebrows, foot silver flash, the shape of a moment back a few steps, hands are almost inertial from the bottom to the top, cut away.

Han Feng eyes dead stare at that in XiaoYan body rolling green flame, although that flame does not show a tremendous momentum, but with the extremely sharp soul sense, he is able to faintly perceive that the green flame is how terrible.


The flame seems invisible, but no matter who sees it, there is a real strange feeling, in the flame, there is something slowly flowing, like elves.

Just after Xiao Yan and other people disappeared, the silver gate slightly undulating, then slowly fade, finally completely dissipated.

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