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Chapter 22 The Wind and the Wind

"What's down there? If you don't want to tell the truth, I don't mind tying you up and hiding you somewhere while I go down and make my own rounds."

Holding the light blue inner armour, Xiao Yan put it under the nose and sniffed it gently, a light body fragrance, lingering in the nose.

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Be xiao Yan of exhalation have to turn over eyelid, medicine old did not expect this just finished worship division, this little guy climbed on the head.

Gan Mu this words export, the crowd around immediately in an explosion, at the beginning of the Wolf head mercenary regiment all the strength, will be called Xiao Yan's young chase after into the depths of warcraft mountains, did not think of, today, this boy actually alive from the so-called death jedi mountain interior walked out?

Side, look at Xiao Yan so, fuming son funny, also some helpless, as long as a contact with Xiao Yu, Xiao Yan seems to take off the past of the dull, unscrupulous appearance, every time to the latter was furious.

"PSST..." Smell speech, Xiao Yan ruthlessly sucked a cool breath, this woman is also too malicious hot? The lives of hundreds of thousands were thus reaped without pity? Is this killing chickens?

Smell speech, Xiao Yuwei cu arch eyebrows hesitated a moment, she has not seen ZSZSZSZ to test level, so also dare not to words is too full, so that when the time comes out of the mistake, but will let ZSZSZSZ face not good-looking, now Xiao Yu, also don't know why, but some puzzling for ZSZSZSZ thinking up, this should be placed before, I'm afraid the latter the face, she will be more happy.

Of course. That rules out the need for the old man to help.

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"There is no need for the Lion to worry." Light should be a, mysterious woman element hand light lift, and as her palm lift, a small cyan dragon roll suddenly emerge in the sky, dragon roll initial size only two meters, however after a moment, tornado storm surging against the wind, the blink of an eye will become more than ten zhang huge dragon roll.

While ZSZSZSZ in hard to find the magic crystal gap, embalm son was boring before came to a clean street vendors, ying ying stopped body, out of pure white and delicate white wrist, picked up a green bracelet, hand catenary material is common goods, just added some ice silver, let a person touches cold, very suitable for summer wear, material, although ordinary, but also chic and elegant...

"The strength of Mu She should be around that of the two star master. The skill he has practiced is a kind of wind attribute skill called" Fengxiang Killing ", which seems to be of the higher yellow rank." Small medical fairy jade onion refers to the wind was blown to scatter in the forehead before the hair, slightly meditated way.

After saying that finish, Xiao Zhan looked at the black robe man in front of him nervously, afraid that his condition would make him dissatisfied, now xiao's family, but all have to rely on the mysterious pharmacist ah.

The monitoring scope of the maternal MoZhu, the family is just the whole xiao, including so, scroll of these skills, as long as a left shaw home, it will be now, of course, there's some powerful people, things can also forced truncation this induction, however, to the level of the strong, who will be something to grab some Huang Jie achievement method...

"When that fellow comes back, tell him to meet me." After one angry remark, Musshe turned and left the whispering hall.

The point with deep sympathy nodded, Xiao Yan jilted the head, the vision turned to the lower part of high mobile ground. "Where is the headquarters of the Wolfhead Mercenary regiment?"

All the people in the field, shocked at the five characters on the stone tablet, the expression on the face, is very wonderful, a moment later, rapid breathing, like a windmill, in the training ground rang up.

Standing at the top of the valley, Xiao Yan lifted his eyes, he could see the outline of a small half of the mountain warcraft, where the eye, green trees, occupied the vast majority of the line of sight. Occasionally a gust of wind blew from the interior of the mountains, and immediately set off a burst of green wind and waves on this forest, quite spectacular.

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