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His eyes are only a rough sweep, Xiao Yan is no longer hesitant, straight to the sixth floor of the deep walk.

Xiao Yan struggled hard, but the surrounding space did not understand, just in its helpless give up, a familiar strong soul wave finally from the black ring of the finger came out, and under this soul fluctuation, surrounding the prison do solidification space, burst, Xiao Yan's body, is also this moment to regain freedom.


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"Eat me?You're the only one with your mouth?"In her heart he smiled. Xiao Yan quickly took over the" Ice-Fire Dragon-whisker Fruit "and quickly stuffed it into the ring, for fear that the little girl of unknown origin would be repentant again."You've taken it away, and you'll try it for me."Give the" Jingang Pei "who has bitten twice in her hand to Xiao Yan, the little girl said crisply.

Above the lush peaks, the white flame in the shade, as if a ghost fire.

"The winner is the loser. It's really the battle of life and death. No one can manage the battle process. The ending is the most important!"He was sorry for the day. At this point he didn't bother to find any other excuse. He just wanted to beat Xiao Yan half-dead in front of him. If he had a chance, he even wanted to abandon Xiao Yan. From this guy's entry into the inner court, he had no peace for a day.

It is a place where precious medicinal materials are stored in the inner courtyard.This herb management warehouse is also heavily guarded. Not only does the powerful fighter sit in town, but there are about ten mentors patrolling around the clock. Generally, the college is forbidden to enter this area, but it may be due to Elder Hao's explanation. Therefore, after Xiaoyan was stopped by a patrolling tutor, he didn't expel him, but took it to Elder Hao after confirming his identity.

"What shall we do now?"Looking at the jadeite viscous liquid flowing slowly inside the bell milk, Xiao Yan dared not make any private action, but could only inquire at the medicine old man.

Before the change, Xiao Yan cast "three thousand thunder", at most can only last ten minutes, now because of the rank of Jin, the energy stored in the body greatly increased, but enough to extend this time five times, from here, you can see the obvious gap between the fighting master and the fighting spirit.

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The yellow fight light trembled slightly, then in full view of the public burst out a low-drinking sound.Long gun lightning-like in front of the thrust, and with each stab of the long gun, there will be a residual shadow appear in front of, the vibration degree of the long gun Bicheng extremely horrific, only a moment, long gun shadow is before the space is shrouded, and at this moment, like the beast running to sweep Xiao Yan, but also instantaneously appeared outside the shadow of the gun blockade.

"That's a big deal."Xiao Yan mouth out of the sound of wonder, these white jade steps value is quite expensive, but used to preserve medicinal materials is very good effect, in this closed space, those precious medicinal materials almost won't lose half of the efficacy, and storage time, also can be greatly extended, this arrangement, far from Xiao Yan use the Nadao storage can be compared.

The refining of six kinds of local elixir pills.At last, it's at this moment, the official beginning.

From the start of the competition, there are nearly twenty days of time, and Xiao Yan's plan, is to want to in these 20 days, as far as possible to improve their strength, so as to make themselves more into the top 10 of the grasp.

"I didn't think it was enough. The little girl stood up and patted Xiao Yan on the shoulder." Well done. Someone will bully you. Come to me. I'll help you out. There's no one in the inner court that I dare not offend."

Vibrating the purple cloud wings, Xiao Yan full-foot flight nearly an hour later, estimated to have entered the middle of the mountain position, just gradually slowed down, spent half an hour.He looked for a steep peak only a few feet wide, and slowly fell down.

Compared with the miserable appearance of the snow demon ape, the point of the snake's injury seems insignificant.

Xuner's bland cheeks were flat and unmoved. A long time later, she said faintly, "They will know whether they deserve it or not."

A short distance of a few feet, blink of an eye, two people are no pondering time, a fist is a heavy bombardment of the sub, a time, loud and clear blast, as if the general thunder, in the arena mid-air ring, a strong air ripples from the two contact out, the hard floor is at this moment as if the fields were ploughed over by the cattle generally flipped up.

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