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Take out a gap, ZSZSZSZ took a glance look to the rear, immediately eye pupil is unbearable tightening up, I saw the space storms, in this moment suddenly extremely violent, within the storm, the suction with sudden surge of terrorist, and under the suction, space ship degree was slowing down.

Even the head of my family is more polite."

Fist, sharp sound boom, immediately sounded in the space, a terrible wind ripples, from the fist surface, like water waves rapidly spread out... "Dong!"

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Looking at the cave after the stone wall, Xiao Yan stretched out his hand will face full of excited purple grind to pull behind, and then the eyes and small doctor fairy three interweaves once, the fighting gas in the body is quietly run "and then this just slowly crossing fall swallow by purple grind forced to open up the crack, slowly and into.

The degree of resistance of this drop of blood, xiao Yan expected, but also know that the energy contained in it is what kind of great, if this really can make it smooth all day soul melt blood Dan, I am afraid that its quality, will reach a very high umbrella level. If that were the case, she might have been tempered by her son or daughter, for xiao yan had to make things perfect, and the best of mirids had to be rid.

Within a bumpy car, ZSZSZSZ back against the window, looking out the tree-lined Korea home guards, totally different from past of that kind of relaxed mood today, each day is a joking ghost even before the first few, this moment is also closed mouth, holding the weapon of the palm, the pine tight when, show nervous in the heart.

"Good dog out of the way! Get the fuck out of here! Or they will be trampled to death, but no one is responsible!"


If let Han Feng know, he worked hard to invite the helper, at such a critical moment, but it is to engage in this small action, I am afraid will be angry in the body.

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Slowly murmured in the heart, feeling that in the body to open warm medicine, a tired

Said, ZSZSZSZ also smile, shaking his head. "these guys don't look down on the black Angle domain, but I also with big elders said, he will try to help you, the land of Canaan college and black Angle domain feud, has always target before, now has xiao door, Canaan college is more than an ally, to xiao door in a dark Angle domain gradually spread influence, In the future, Canaan College will be completely out of this awkward situation. ""

Looking at that moment is to face the devil old ghost deadly offensive xiao Yan, 7-square field, suddenly rang out countless exclaim and scream

With a wave of his hand, Hongchen rushed out with a large crowd, laughing, and finally disappeared quickly outside the courtyard.

"Han jia this move, the table should have their intention, after all, this competition but related to han Yue's life ah. ""

When the solution is applied to the body of the puppet, the cold gray color. It is also replaced by a dark gold, shining with gold, giving a very strong sense of wonder.

Listen to Xiao Yan this words, the little doctor fairy qiao face becomes hot again, like _ a red apple, no matter how indifferent she is on weekdays, but at this time of performance, and ordinary girls do not have much difference. See a small doctor fairy quiet, Xiao Yan is also a sigh of relief, quickly again concentrated outline seal fire mark.

The idea in the heart flies to turn, after a moment, Xiao Yan is also long vomit breath, caressed knead

Han Xue slightly nodded, immediately slant head blunt Xiao Yan smile, qiao way: "Xiao Yan eldest brother, please follow me." Unconsciously, the name became familiar to her.

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