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Smell words, Xiao Yan ~ stunned, a sweep of eyes, this only now, on their own body, is shrouding a layer of white flame, and in the periphery of the flame, large invisible flames like small snake-like circling back and forth, terror temperature even with the isolation of cold fire, but also make Xiao Yan skin bursts of intense burning pain, and the previous will he wake up from coma, it is this bone marrow deep burning pain.

"Yu-er, you stay here again."Obviously a child-like appearance, but pretending to pretend to be old, this scene, really makes people cannot help laughing here except XiaoYu shook her head, the other people are closed mouth, afraid of a hint of laughter, get that horrible small fist.

On the ground, just holding the body shape of the doldrums have not enough time for breath, the face is suddenly changed, then the inertia of both palms against the body hard hit out.

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Within the cyclone, the original blue and white mixed flame has disappeared completely, replaced by a kind of emerald-like green flame, this group of flames slowly flowing, at one glance, it looks more like a turquoise magma, but this magma looks like some delicious look, like the general.

Ah, "Xiaoyanzi, don't give me any accident, otherwise I have the courage to go back to see Big Brother."Rubbing her hands, Xiao Li can only pray that Xiao Yan has enough luck to escape from the terrible flame storm at such times.

At this time, Han Ji was able to distract himself from the defence, which made him feel a little surprised, but this did not make him hesitate for a moment. The strong wind on his fist did not decrease but increase, and then mixed with the fierce wind, straight through the deep blue flame and hit heavily on the shoulder of the former (,).

"Hey hey, bruise. Just a few days' rest."Wu Hao did not care to wave his hand, just want to speak, but suddenly heard an old voice uploaded from the jury:" The next game, number seven!"Well?Looks like it's your turn?"Wu Hao, stunned by what he had said from the high-rise platform, immediately pushed forward his arrows," he said, laughing.

"Huh?Is this the You Haina Ring?You boy is not polite, think that in order to get this Nadao, Han Feng but moved a very big dry battle to get a hand, did not expect now cheap you."

Han Feng eyes dead stare at that in XiaoYan body rolling green flame, although that flame does not show a tremendous momentum, but with the extremely sharp soul sense, he is able to faintly perceive that the green flame is how terrible.

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VII. Xiao Yan glanced at the number on his bamboo stick at will, then he followed the crowd back to the high platform and waited quietly for the next battle.

Xiao Yan's internal fighting qi runs rapidly along the skill path, and then continuously absorbs the energy between heaven and earth. Though the burning decision is only only intermediate, the absorption of energy and even the degree of formation of fighting qi is even the advanced skill of Xuan Stage. It is also one of the difference. Moreover, in coordination with the refining of the heart fire of Qinglian, the recovery degree of Qi fighting in the quiver body. In the practice, if it is not the margin enemy with great gap, I'm afraid no one can compare him at this point.

"How can the Black League be so strong?"Xiao Yan frowned slightly and whispered softly.

For example, last time Xiao Yan and other people made the first five trials, entered the mysterious valley, among which the old keeper, the strength will definitely not be weaker than Hu Qian, if they are also shot, this guy in the black corner domain, should have been a big four.

At the top of the tower seal condensation, the last layer of the gas plant connects the hole deep underground.At the place, the rich black awns are also slowly surging, finally, black awns gushing, like a Black Sea, will be the whole, the last layer of space is completely dense, in the future, here, no one will enter, and that sealed in the bottom of the depth of the falling heart, is also no chance to come out!

A pent-up in the chest of turbid gas was long spit out, strong light gold light, slowly from Liu Qing body burst out, that bright glare, like a round of sunshine, so that people dare not look directly, and, in that bright light, an extremely sharp gun wind, fierce and unmatched surging and out.

Such thoughts flash in the heart, Xiao Yan almost did not hesitate, palm turned, Xuan Chongchi is taken into the ring, lost the bondage of these weight weapons, Xiao Yan's degree, but also a sudden rise.

Xiao Li shouted, then he took the lead to sweep away at the gate of the Stronghold. After that, a large number of dark shadows followed up without hesitation. However, even in the face of such a difficult situation, these shadows were still out of order. They were orderly obeying Xiao Li's orders and distributed everywhere in the Stronghold.


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