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But it is precisely because of this, just make Xiao Yan unnatural, accustomed to Han Xue's indifference, for the sudden show of enthusiasm, for a time is really some not adapt.

"This woman's strength is terrible, can let me feel like this, even in the Luo family, also only a few people! So strong, at this time to my tianya City, I do not know why the purpose?" The old man in yellow clothes had some waves in his heart, but his face was a lot more gentle. He arch his hands to Xiao Yan and others and said, "My friend, this is indeed the rules of tianya City over the years. At the gate of the city below, there is a special place for parking flying beasts established by the pedestrians of my luo family in the future."

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Hongchen's whole body is shrouded in a layer of thunder power grid, silver snake 4, perhaps because of the secret method of the cause, its body is to become strong many, from afar, just like a silver iron tower general, full of power.

Listen to this old voice, Xiao Yan hurriedly concentrate, and then it to this "** swim body ruler" a lot of explanation, not a word of income ear...

In help Xiao Yan to solve the pressure of the difficult, purple grind also did not stay in this to disturb him, quite greedy to see an eye medicine triding in the churning liquid, just smacked mouth, body move "swept out of the range of the stone.

The two grey-clad old men waved their hands, indicating that he did not need to be too polite, and then slowly said, "Ground devil old ghost? It's been years since we met, and I didn't expect to see you again today, did I?"

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Xiao Yan nods gently, palm slowly stroke before a row of scroll, take a deep breath, the big wave that billows in the heart is pressed down slowly, however in the mind, that piece is like blooming in the world and open like clear lotus elegant qiao face, appropriate Chen appropriate xi emerges quietly, hard to wipe.

Drilling into the magma, the hot temperature has pressure thulium from all directions, as if to squeeze Xiao Yan into meat sauce in general, but with the latter body vigorous gas emission, these external resistance, suddenly become a lot of dilute.

With the energy of coloured glaze lotus heart fire, quenching these drugs, naturally not much trouble, day and because xiao Yan is really not separated from the mind, now spare time, quenching up did not consume too long time.

Taking a deep breath, the long jade hands of the little doctor suddenly moved to seal the knot, and immediately a dark gray air, like a fountain, gushed out from its body.

Two people get to know each other, a moving, but the end result, seems to end in tragedy, what you did to xiao YunLan zong and yunshan, ZSZSZSZ can't forgive me, therefore, as a YunLan patriarch of she, also must stand on the opposite of ZSZSZSZ, even if finally, mess injured is her, it is a right from the start is doomed to end."

A band with some hot breath, from xiao Yan's nose overflow, immediately, eyes flash an extremely solemn color, palm move, huge red medicine triding, is thundering and finally with the sound of whispering, fell on the stone platform!

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