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"Don't talk to me, give you ten rest time, decide whether to roll yourself or LET me waste you and throw out." Hong Chen's face a cold, shouted.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly, a flick flick, a ray of green flame appeared in the fingertip, immediately gently touch on that light screen. "Before the" s"

"Well. "Among peers, the most wonderful is your sister's family, but now she is just just just jin emperor into the hopper level, and still have some kind of adventure, of which the cici, the emperor said there should be less are seven stars level, plus fenglei pavilion of many advanced technology, the moon has not his opponent." Han Chi gave a bitter smile and said: "And don't say is han jia, even if scan the sky north city, in the same generation, it is difficult to find from" and that Hongchen contend with the person, Hongchen dare to put forward this kind of condition, nature is having great grasp. "So say, this time, Han Jia is some trouble. "Trouble is some trouble, but it is not impossible to solve, of course, if someone agrees to help," Han Yue smiled, but suddenly said.

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"Sixteen days. In a few more days, we should reach our destination." Small medical

'There's so much you don't know! A cold voice rang out, white as a ghost, suddenly appeared in front of the old devil, gray purple nails with sharp cold awn, a diagonal stroke, with a harsh sound of air tearing, straight to the throat of the latter.

In a crowd of discomfiting escape from the valley of magic fire, just a little startled to stop, standing on a slope, looking at the surrounding suddenly become empty of many peaks, are not able to help light inhaling a breath of cool, this mountain forest, almost all are destroyed in xiao Yan's hand under the fire lotus...

Under the external energy continuous perfusion ZSZSZSZ body is urgent with changes, every promotion, seem to is there will be little change in the body, this kind of transformation, just like expansion, will be a small pond, originally expanded into a small lake, and which can hold grudge, long also will be multiplied, and at the same time, many meridians in the body, bones, Muscles and so on, there will be different strengthening, so that the body's strength, more and more stronger." "

"I remember when I first saw you, it seemed that you were just a small master, but you have reached this level in just a few years. Canaan's house produces a mangled lad, which would have given the old fellow his pride if he knew it." "Said an old man in grey.

Looking at this sudden change, both han Chong and other people present, or Han Xue or that Xia Mang, are shocked down. This. Is this?" (Sorry, it was a private affair, and they were in a bad mood for a long time, but they had long quieted down, and the potatoes were as fresh as they could be. They lasted twenty days, but they didn't want to be broken like this. Tudou will adjust the state of mind as soon as possible, in addition, and then ask for recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, thank you.

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Xiao Yan nod slightly, stand up slowly, look to the location of the valley of magic inflammation, young face across a sen Ran smile.

"Father, are the Hong family making trouble again?" See both sides preliminary understanding, Han Xue liu mei suddenly a cluster, way.

In the eyes of the fine aung continued for a moment, is a complete convergence, Xiao Yan double palm on the bed gently press, its body is vigorous jump, the body is as straight as a gun standing, a fierce momentum, swept out.

"Yun" s"

In the heart such as the tide of many ideas, Xiao Yan is also gradually made up his mind, this "huo Sheng huo" stay in the body, in order to prepare for a rainy day later.

"Here are some of the keys to practicing physical fitness, and those who follow should listen carefully

Hongchen eyes slightly some Yin cold cast into Xiao Yan, the eyes of arrogance and contempt did not have the slightest cover up. Humiliation is to find a scapegoat, and a decent one, too?"

In the move of this old figure, Xiao Yan fierce shock, his own body of falling heart inflammation, incredibly uncontrolled flying out, and finally fell into the right hand.

This is a possible body. It was Xiao Yan who escaped from the wormhole in space when he

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