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Shuttle in the shade path, after a long while.Elder Hao finally slowed down and finally stopped outside a room built entirely by green bamboo.

Breaking through fighting spirit, ordinary people want to reach this point, all need to accumulate for a long time, this accumulation time even reached a few years, this also can see how huge the energy needed to break through this barrier is huge, if not because of the "earth center quenching body milk" and other spiritual reasons, Xiao Yan this time, at most is only breakthrough to nine stars big dipper, it is already the limit, want to break through to the fighting spirit at one stroke, is some crazy person dream, but fortunately, this extremely difficult to find "earth center quench body milk", but just in his hands, have to say, this is his blessing.

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Xiao Yan?Of course, not everyone did not know Xiao Yan, shortly after he appeared, a difference of familiar voice recognition sounded, that is Lin Yan's figure, is in the sight of smoke.

"What can I say to the old man?With a murmur, the little girl was not timid enough to catch "Jingang Pei" and keep up with Xiao Yan.

A trace of blood from the corner of the mouth of the White Cheng, although there is armor to resist most of the power, but the force of the wind, still let him suffer some injuries.

Queen Medusa shook her hand violently, and with the hand of her hand, the space around Xiao Yan's horror solidified at this moment, and her body was blocked from moving.

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"Isn't that a little too much, classmate?"In front of him the figure flashed past, and Liu Qing once again stopped her in front of her, and sank in his voice.

After looking at it, Xiao Yan took the root herb in Ziyan's hand and looked up and down. He sighed. He knew this thing. It was a rare herb named "Huoling Root". The rich fire energy contained in it could not help him.

Grind teeth in the heart of a fierce roar.So long after suffering, perhaps because of the numbness of the gang, Xiao Yan spirit is suddenly some trance up, in this trance, it seems that the intense burning pain in the body, but also reduced a lot, through this long-term burning pain, he is reluctantly have some resistance.

Xiao Yan smiled. He also knew that the reason why the elders treated him so politely was mostly because it could make five-grade pills. After all, as a refining herbalist, he knew how attractive the five-grade pills were to the elders at the rank of King Doug.

Slightly squinting eyes, Xiao Yan slowly back a step back, palm curvy, whirling suddenly a grip, a strong strong suction surge and also, and with the surge of suction, that scattered sand is also with the explosion shot out, finally in Xiaoyan palm condensed into a basketball-sized sand ball.

"This man must have been in the inner court, but he is better than the elders. If not bad, he must be the most prestigious elder in the inner court?"She muttered softly in his heart, and Xiao Yan guessed in secret.

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