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Looking at the small transparent ball in amazement, after a long while, Xiao Yan frowned and said to himself in his heart, "It stands to reason that a toxin like brand poison cannot be so pure. Energy, could it be... these energy belong to someone else?"

His eyes slowly swept across the audience, Fa Qianxu pressed his hands, and the deafening noise gradually decreased, and the majestic loud sound was long over the square.

"Hehe, of course I know, but you think too highly of my heart, I'm a little girl. How can I reach that level of a saint... I really don't want to mess with him now, but in the future, once I have the opportunity In power, this guy will be the first group of rubbish I expelled. At that time, I will take revenge, which will make him feel fear... You must know, woman. It will always be the most vengeful creature, otherwise there will be no The most poisonous words for women's hearts?" Ya Fei said with a faint smile, now she seems to have inadvertently revealed her ambition and strength.

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"You don't think about it." Xiao Yan's palm slightly crossed. whisper

"Hey, little girl, she's quite a good person..." Although Ya Fei's voice was very soft, Hai Bodong still took it in her ears. She smiled and nodded, obviously she was quite fond of her behavior.


Xiao Yan's eyes slowly swept across the hall. In the spacious hall, there were ten or so pharmacists dressed in the same color robes. , mostly in middle age. There are two of them. Even more white.

Slowly approached the side room. A faint soft light was about to come out, and Xiao Yan gently pushed open the door. The interior of the room is quite spacious. in a central location. A large bed is placed in it. An old man with a dry face lay on it. Around the bed, several maids were busy coming and going. Hear the door squeak. They cast their gazes, and immediately took care of the comatose old man again.

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"Could it be that you have something to do with her when you ascended to the Cloud Lantern Sect this time?" Hai Bodong was stunned when he glanced at Xiao Yan. Immediately stunned.

"The teacher said. The so-called rank badge is just an illusion, and my strength, even I don't know what rank I belong to. It fluctuates too much." Nalan Yanran smiled.

"Mr. Yanxiao. At this juncture. You might be out of business*. I'm still waiting to compete with you." Liu Ling came over. Lightly smiled. Two rounds of examinations yesterday. Although he persisted. Can be compared. Obviously Xiao Yan is better. This is for Liu Ling, who has always been arrogant. It was a bit of a blow.

In this era, pharmacists, even more easily than those princes in fairy tales, are more likely to impress young girls. From this, it can be seen what kind of noble status the pharmacists have on this continent where fighting qi is respected.

"With Mu Zhan's temperament. Tonight, Yan Xiao probably won't feel too well. When Mu Zhan left the imperial capital, he was already a three-star fighting master. After two years of experience in the military camp on the border of the empire. I am afraid that the strength has reached the peak of the fighting master..."

"President Fa Qian said yes." He nodded with a wry smile. Xiao Yan is also not entangled in this issue.

Ya Fei walked up the stairs with an expressionless face, as if she had never heard the obscene words of the young man, but Xiao Yan, who was holding her palm tightly, could feel that her fingernails had been firmly caught in his palm. .


Looking at the awakening pill lying quietly in the jade bottle, Xiao Yan wiped the sweat from his forehead, smiled in satisfaction, then caught fire again and continued refining...

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