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"I want to go to the Black Poinlands" The room licked his mouth and looked at Xiao Yan's stunned cold-looking face and said with a smile: I am now in a very good atmosphere I used to be in the Garma Empire anyway

The blood in his eyes twinkled. A moment later, Wu Hao seemed to make some determination. His palm wiped the blood stains from the corners of his mouth, and then slowly wiped the blood on the bloody heavy sword. With the contamination of blood, there appeared a faint dark red color on the blood-colored heavy sword, and his face gradually swelled with strange purplish red.

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"Is there anything more rare?"Xiao Yan stunned, but his face was blank.

"Don't worry, teacher, when I've got my heart down, I'll try to make you a soul-holding body, and then you'll be born again."Xiao Yan smiled and comforted.

Xuner glanced faintly at Bai Cheng, then looked at Wu Hao, who was holding on with her eyebrow.And in the former so calm watching, Wu Hao instantly is defeated, a bitter laugh, only you sound: "Be careful."

In the field, a red, a white two shadows of lightning across, the final like two meteors general.Crash into each other in a roaring presence, take the time.Two powerful fighting gas burst suddenly, in this strong gas, even the hard floor teeth are cracked out of a crack.

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"Oh, Medusa, I don't bother to talk to you too much. Do you really want that elixir?"Looking at Queen Medusa, whose eyes twinkled from her face, the old man thought a little, and suddenly said.

His eyes stared at the dark red elixir between Xiao Yan's fingers. After hearing the name of the pill, Bai Cheng's face suddenly became extremely ugly.

"Hehe, it's a thunderous name.Sit down. What can I do for you?"Smiling and waving to Xiao Yan, Elder Liu sat down in his chair, returning to his eager nature and urging him to ask.


As the body intrudes into the colorful surface of the water, Xiao Yan's body immediately violently beat a chill, the temperature of the water is horribly low.If you don't use Qi to protect your body, even the skin will feel a stabbing pain.

An invisible force of soul rises from the black ring on the finger, enveloping the anti-inflammation, and cutting off the oppression of the python and the snow demon ape.The sound of old medicine.In the anti-inflammatory heart sounded "Let the Sky Python stop the snow demon sky ape.You hurry into the valley looking for "geocentric body-quenching milk".

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