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"That's the case."Xiao Yan smiled, and his dark eyes were filled with strange heat, and the voice suddenly increased:" What are you waiting for?All of us are on the Tiger and Hawk at once, start right now--to the Garma Empire!"

"Xiao Yan, we had fought eight moves before."The ancient river is also vibrating the purple fire wings to the body-feeling the even numb palm, he looked up, but a cold smile.

And after everything is accounted for, Xiao Yan also carefully explored this small valley, valley area is not large, but all kinds of rare medicinal materials among them, even now he, are slightly moved, unexpectedly this small valley, unexpectedly grew so many rare herbs, if the news is spread out, I'm afraid I do not know how many refining herbalist's red eyes, after all for refining herbalist, the attraction of rare medicinal materials, is not much weaker than the prescription, medicine Ding how much weaker.

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"Your teacher is by your side. Why don't you ask?In this way you can know, your mouth extremely noble Yun Lanzong, what good things have done in recent years?"Xiao Yan shook his head sarcastically," she said.

"Follow me."Medusa whispered to Xiao Yan, who was standing at the door, and then took the lead in turning and going deep into the courtyard. Xiao Yan, after a slight hesitation, had to follow him under the eye-catching gaze.

"Xiao Yan was thirteen years old when he came into contact with alchemy. Now, in seven years, he has reached the stage of six-grade elixir."Xiao Yan whispered softly.

Rub some headache head, medicine old face depressed, this teacher, can be not easy ah (there will be a second more, but I'm afraid time is a bit late, I suggest that you can't wait friends tomorrow to see, thank you!

"There were three distinct smells over there, but the man in front was clearly running away, and the other two closely followed, as if he were a slain."Xiao Yan frowned a little, looked to the north of the plain, hesitated a little, and then the soul's sense of mind spread out from the brow, like the tide boat, and in a short moment, he brought the distant situation into his mind.

Of course, the negative role of Bosheng Dan Xiao Yan has been known, he and Xiao Ding, Haibodong and other several Yan League elders have discussed, they unanimously decided, it is best to really create a group of fully loyal to Yan League dead, although they only have three years of life, but as long as these three years, they are confident, will make Yanmeng become one of the northwest region one of the most powerful forces, although this method is a little bit bloody, but-Yan League pull too big, adpole such as this war, if not Xiao Yan critical moment came, I am afraid that the whole Kama Empire, will have to be obliterated, and then the people who lost their lives, do not know geometry.

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"But I only like you," roared the ancient river. "I have nothing more than that guy's mouth a little boy. Is it worth thinking about so much?"

Once again some embarrassed dodge off the wild goose sky's attack, Xiao Yan palm.However, with a grip on the ground, the Xuan Heavy Ruler that was forcibly taken and landed by Mulan was directly transformed into a flash of light into the sky, and finally fell into Xiao Yan's hands.

Yunshan shouted, the main hall, two have been keeping heavy old people, Xun got up, honorably answer the way.

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The sound fell, the two people suddenly burst out bright golden light inside the body, spinning is a pair of wild goose-shaped golden light wings, from the two people's back extension, gold wings a vibration, the degree suddenly exploded!

Although Xiao Yan and Lin Xiu Cliff when Xiao Yan was out of the tower was a hand, but at that time only duel, strength may be able to see the gap between the two people, but some ordinary students, is not the kind of vision from this quick battle to distinguish the strength of the two sides, and as for the back inner court to "Black League" in the huge offensive, strength in the Duoemperor Han Feng died in its hands, this achievement really can be appalling, but also because it is too shocking, so it will let some people feel not true, especially I was not personally present-see personally, that kind of unreal feeling is particularly rich.

And no matter who dies on both sides, the Kama Empire will fall into a bloodbath of chaos, no one can escape!

Inside the manor, the family members of the Mitel family looked at the powder on the ground outside the yard. They couldn't help but gulp at them. Their eyes filled with horror. The Yunlanzong disciples who had beaten them with little counterforce just now were like firecrackers. They clattered for a while, and then nearly half of them were killed. At this moment, they fully understood that in the eyes of the real strong people, it was really human life, such as grass mustard ah concubine. She was also frightened by the scene of fear. Her charming pretty face was a little white. Looking up at the half-sky, the young man with black robe whose face was indifferent even had a cruel taste, sighed with a sigh, and the hatred for Lan Sect had really reached the point where she could not really eat flesh, and generally speaking, she would not have known such a thing. Generally speaking, she could not bear to hate her own flesh. Generally speaking, she could not hate her own flesh. Generally speaking, she could not bear such a thing.

The flight to the extreme, Xiao Yan's face is full of gloom, this born of the Kama Empire, completely unexpected, want to recall, but also faintly afraid, fortunately this time there is Medusa's action, otherwise, I am afraid Yan League and Gama Empire will be destroyed by the cloud empire, then I am afraid it will not come to the soul hall, his Xiao family will have to be killed not to leave.

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