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fun math activities for middle schoolers

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Xiao Yan nodded slightly, whispered "Second brother, take care, if it is something, just come to the college to find me, and if you meet the Canaan College law enforcement team that then (can't see) the name" "Don't worry, I will let someone send you a letter to you at any time so that you know my whereabouts"

Xiao Yan smiled and held out the pills suspended in the heart of the medicine elder's heart and grabbed the past. However, when his hand was just closed, the earthly elixir turned into a blue light and shot out. At last, it hovered beside the old medicine, as if he possessed spirit.

"Ha ha, I'm afraid he's a bird."By the way, Lin Yan laughed.

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Elder Liu can enjoy it.Look at the house, Xiao Yan can not help feeling a little difference in the heart.

Come up with me."Old Yao looked up at the huge stalactite hanging upside down in the mountain. Suddenly he beckoned to Xiao Yan and flew slowly toward the huge stalactite.

That old man, I am not afraid, he knows also dare not take me how, instantly lovely turned her eyes, the little girl hummed.

It took more than an hour to practice this time. Xiao Yan's body feels empty before the room dissipates and feels the powerful fighting qi flowing in the meridians. He is a little sensitive. He is really a little happy. It seems that although Alchemy is tired and half dead, it is not totally without harvest.

Micro-zipped mouth, Xiao Yan silently nodded, that the top guy, unexpectedly strong to such a degree?Heart thought flickering, Xiao Yan is suddenly lost that strong list first to produce a trace of curiosity, can let Lin Yan say this kind of words.I don't know what a terrible guy he is. Can he have three heads and six arms?

After clamping Xiao Yan's palm, the little girl in white moved her mouth, like a child-like childish voice, with a point of indifference in the room rang up, even, I don't know whether it was an illusion, Xiao Yan felt this childish voice, unexpectedly a little bit murderous...

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Appear in front of Xiao Yan, is a piece of the underground world full of stalactites, looking from the eyes, milky white milk continuously covered the end of the line of sight, light white light out from here, the darkness here as many as drive out, stalactites, some hanging on the top of the mountain, some even as long as a hundred meters, at a glance, the mountain dome is covered with huge stalactites, there are occasionally a drop of white emulsion dripping down, on the ground splashed with milky white water spray."What a place underground world..." After the half-sound, Xiao Yan slowly recover, marvelous smack mouth, turn and smile bitterly: "" Earth center quenching body milk "is here?How do you look for this?There's exactly the same clock milk everywhere."

Medicine old did not pay attention to the surrounding stalactis, but will float the body stopped at the bottom of the largest bell stalactite, here is already the clock milk and mountain contact point, faint fluorescence from the clock milk out, will be printed in transparent general.Absolutely beautiful.

After clamping Xiao Yan's palm, the little girl in white moved her mouth, like a child-like childish voice, with a point of indifference in the room rang up, even, I don't know whether it was an illusion, Xiao Yan felt this childish voice, unexpectedly a little bit murderous...

Ziyan's words, several people in the hall face is different change up.

On the other hand, Liu Qing also frowned, apparently thinking Liu Fei scolded a little bit too much, can not help but add to the voice, looked up, see the chill on her cheeks, just want to say

The target was taken, Xiao Yan unexpectedly is not response over.Eyes staring at the empty jade plate, an instant later, as strong as an electric shock turned his head, a slight look of horror at the side.

The little girl drooped her head, curled her legs, clasped her knees with her hands, her white neat teeth clenched her lips tightly, her black eyes were a little wet: "From conscious beginning, I lived alone in the mountains. When I was a child, I was bullied by other guys and had to run away in ashes by myself until after eating the shaped grass, she met the elder of the inner court, and he took me to the inner courtyard.Stayed here."

Old Yao had said when Xiao Yan got the lotus seeds, do not reveal them in front of outsiders.Otherwise hot people from greedy words will produce a lot of trouble, but this world is different from the past, today's Xiao Yan has not been a small fighting master, now many of the cards on the body, do not have to worry about these elders will salivate his things and secretly start.

There is a medicine old face master to help, the harvest is naturally extremely rich, the raw medicine in Nathan white flame jump without exception successfully condensed Dan Xing and smoothly into the pill.And in that Xiao Yan will Long Li Dan after refining the medicine old did not immediately stop him clearly Xiao Yan to Xiao Li's attention if Xiao Li in the black corner if there is any problem, I'm afraid this little guy will completely violent away.

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