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Appear in front of Xiao Yan et al, is a storm formed by the force of light silver space, the storm is not particularly big, but just the channel all blocked, from within the silver storm out of the turbulent suction, make Xiao Yan in the space ship constantly shaking, with a feeling like a shaky. Space Storm ONE

"Oh, damn, I forgot that greedy, immoral bastard. All right, don't drink. The watchman should double his hands tonight, so that there won't be any trouble.

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Chapter 866 The Five Star King

When Han Feng's soul power surges, the black mist sword quivers violently, and a strange sound wave suddenly spreads out from it."

The promotion, not only make Xiao Yan completely stable in the six star emperor level, but also make the fight in its body become more hot some, Xiao Yan clear, this should be the cause of energy here, but also good, with different fire protection body, the fury of those energy, did not cause what effect to Xiao Yan.

For xuan protect the law that crazy eyes, Xiao Yan is still that pair of wind and cloud light appearance, he looked at Han Feng, half-smile way: "if you really killed the Han Wind, I may be able to consider..."

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Dark eyes, the sunshine there, reflecting the xu some dazzling luster, and at this moment, the silence, is like sleeping lion awakening, from ZSZSZSZ slowly diffuses in the body, the breath, compared with six days before, actually is a lot more pithy, if said previous ZSZSZSZ is six characters in the opening, so now he, six star is standing on the top level, Breaking through to seven stars is only a few feet away,

"Umbrella continent, vast undiscovered talent people don't know what a few, don't know is normal, don't worry, since cici cast thor came down, that the outcome is almost should be seen, and, after all, in his state of the coupled with achievement method technology and HaoLei hammer, even emperor peak of the strong, want to win, he is also quite difficult. "" Slightly meditating, grey clothes old man is to throw away the mind, light way.

In the square below, Xiao Li saw the fire lotus flying out of Xiao Yan's hands, and his heart was also startled. Immediately he grabbed the purple yan beside him and retreated in a hurry -- for the power of the fire lotus, he knew how terrible it was.

To zhang left and right of the passage, the end of the passage, is a deep darkness, and the passage up and down

Eyes dead stare at the magma of the wave place, Xiao Yan inside the fight gas ready to move, the face is also a solemn, this magma, really dangerous."

Black, ice cone, seemingly inconspicuous, but the wind contained above, it is quite horrible, not say that the form of overwhelming, is a single one, I am afraid that can directly kill a fighting emperor strong, thus visible, this little thing, in fact, is not as lovely as its body.

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