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"This ice-blue cold fog should be" sky-cold gas". This kind of thing is no less rare than abnormal fire. It only exists in extremely cold ground. Ordinary flame will extinguish automatically when it is within a certain range. That is to say, strange fire can resist it. Even so, under the influence of "cold weather", the power of abnormal fire will be reduced to some extent. ""That little surprised voice of old medicine sounded in Xiao Yan's heart." Unexpectedly, he could make the cold weather happen. It seems that he took a lot of thought in order to get a strange fire. ""

Struggle lasted for nearly ten minutes, then, a bright seven-colored light from swallowing the sky python body gush out, the latter ferocious flick tail, tiny body directly shot out, then quickly out of Xiao Yan green fire package range.

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The whole square, is dead general silence, everyone gazed at the sudden change of the burning gas tower, after two years of time, the inner courtyard entered the freshmen, most did not know that the same year in the inner courtyard explosion of the war, therefore, this time the day immolation gas tower changes, or they saw!

The seven-color energy falling in the sky directly shoots into the magma world, and immediately it is the explosion sound with the sky-shaking sound and the magma flying across the sky.

The head of the black robe rolled a circle on the ground in disarray. The black-robed leader stomped on the ground and shot away from outside the forest. That degree was so quick that even the shadowy men who followed him couldn't catch them.

Qi and blood inside the body because of the previous shock and a little vain, therefore, when looking at that even more powerful than the previous attack of Fan tuberculosis, the face is slightly changed.

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The energy of heaven and earth is poured into the body of the youth, and the latter body is like a bottomless hole filled with discontentment, no matter how the energy infuses, but never overflows out of sight.

A burning hot air, deeply sucked into the lungs, the heavy black ruler was raised high above the head of Xiao Yan, at this time, the black color on it, but become extremely red, like a handle of flame like a ruler.

Xiao Yan a large group of people, immediately attracted the attention of all parties, as today's popularity and reputation are not lower than Lin Xiu Cliff Xiaoyan, naturally is recognized by everyone in an instant, now is there are various voices in the crowd ring.

Xiao Yan such a move, immediately bean 1 was the stand worker sounded bursts of whisper, after the previous confrontation, everyone knows, frontal collision, Xiao Yan simply can not rival Liu Qing, now still such behavior, fall in the eyes of everyone, when really can only find death two words to early.

Blue and white fire lotus, like jade cast on the general, crystal clear, extremely martyrdom, but in such a beautiful appearance, it is hidden even Su Qian such strong people fear unceasingly!

Ha ha, Xiao Yan, you'd better deal with that old guy, these two guys. Give it to me and Ziyan.

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