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And as her voice fell, a shadow under the rocks, suddenly crept eerily up, turned into an old figure, suddenly Ling Ying appeared out, Ling Ying towards the girl bowed down respectfully.

The disintegration of the weak and the strong!Above the sky, when the day of inflicting punishment and others scattered, the atmosphere suddenly became sharp. The ancient river stared at Xiao Yan in front of him. Three years ago, the black-robed young man could only contend with his disciples. However, three years later, he dared to be his face. The ten moves were about to change. Such a change was really different.

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"Today, in front of all the mighty powers of the Kama Empire, I will announce that I will marry him to the ancient river!"Cloud mountain glanced at the ancient river whose face was not quite right below, and laughed."

"Stand still, men, and don't fight them head-on, crossbow, ready to break the arrows again!"In the manor, looking at Xun's crumbling defence line, the imperial concubine shouted hurriedly, facing the almost human attack of Yun Lanzong, even if it were.

Xiao Yan's eyes were dim, and a little mist passed through his eyes. "Then please prepare everything for these two days," she said. "Two days later, there will be a decisive battle with Yun Lanzong!"

The imperial city is a hall.

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The sudden appearance of a large number of people, but also some disturbance on the square, because they now, that the sky above the figures, behind a pair of fighting wings, so that these people, at least also fight the king step other strong!

"The same moves can make you uncomfortable!"Xiao Yan was also a cold smile. His arms were suddenly twisted and the clattering clatter came out, and her fist was also a sharp shock!

"You must have known some plans of Xiao Yan. There are powerful forces in the empire, which will improve the status of the country. Now Yun Lanzong is dissolved, then I Xiaoyan want to build a more powerful force!"Xiao Yan's eyes suddenly sharpened with a deep voice:" And today we will find you, is hope.You will also be able to join this alliance, and in the future, your position and gain.Far from being comparable!Xiao Yan's voice fell and the hall was a little quiet. After a little while, Muchen coughed softly and said, "Mr. Xiao Yan's meaning.Is it about bringing together several of our families to form a single force?"

Therefore, it has been several days since that bloody battle has passed, but countless cadets are still untold to communicate with each other, occasionally chat, the face is also a touch of awe, able to build up the "Rock Gate" of such forces, really is not the ordinary generation.

With these strong serpents arched hands, Xiao Yan sink sound track.

Medusa followed it through a few broad streets, and after about ten minutes gradually turned into a slightly darker area, just at the corner of the city wall, where the shadows of the towering walls made it a little dimmer, where many of the strongmen of the Serpent lived.

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