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The man laughed and said, "In that case, we'll sit down now. "Here we go!

Numerous hand claw residual shadow suddenly solidified at the moment, immediately quickly back to shrink, a short moment, was covered with thunder light, faint through the hand claw of thunder roar, weird emerge, mixed with the potential of thunder, mercilessly to xiao Yan's heart pull and go, see this posture, if hit, I'm afraid even the heart is to be pulled out.

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update time:2022-06-26

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Looking at this scene, Xiao Yan did not feel surprised, ten fingers even in the middle, a strip of metal objects with strange luster, from its ring flashing out, finally floating in front of its.

The fight in the body, strenuously a silk of the increase, and the sense of strength, but also slowly to return to xiao Yan that weak body inside.

To avoid this attack, Xiao Yan body shiver, is quick and violent retreat, violent retreat, turned around, eyes looked at the strong wind came, immediately, face is once again become dumbfounded up.

Su Thousand eyes also flash a ruthless color, these years, Canaan college has many students who go out to experience the vicious hand of the valley of magic inflammation, the relationship between the two sides, early to the point of impossible reconciliation.

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Gave up a lot of fast, after this bizarre war today, is for us, that there is no external force to rush into the promotion of the feeling of joy and satisfaction, filled with ZSZSZSZ body, millions of cells in the body seems to be in a silent cheer at the moment, was nearly saturated muscles, bones, odds are beginning the greedy sucking in the body, and the strength of the meridians, It is also taking advantage of this optimal time s1, more and more tough.

But that kind of sweet since the hospital heart inflammation dried up, is declared broken, originally they thought maybe until graduation I am afraid to enjoy that kind of treatment, surprise, but quietly came."

"Thank you very much ghost head eldest brother, next xiao yan." ZSZSZSZ smile, leaning on the rear of the sat down, he had met over the years, mostly use some fine old guy, strength higher terror, similar to the bottom, but for a long time have not contact, this makes him back in the city, he helped his father manage fang city, Yun mercenary, and she in front of these people in general, rude, and wild.

It'll be less effective, but at least if they still don't find rank seven scorpion venom

'shadow defence just forming, hammer of huge thunder and lightning is crashing down, the last hard hit in feet above the shadow, suddenly, countless feet shadow rapidly dissipate,' shadow just dissipate, however, is by a thickly dotted, emerge in endlessly ruler shadow patch, and as ruler of shadow appear constantly, the big hammer of lightning go make some illusory, it contained many of thunder and lightning, The flying is defused." Thousand thunder hammer, thousand thunder hammer!

The fight in the body, strenuously a silk of the increase, and the sense of strength, but also slowly to return to xiao Yan that weak body inside.

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