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Seemingly aware of Xiao Yan's gaze, the grey-robed man's head lifted slightly, revealing a half-pale and immature face, covered by a bamboo hat, a pair of eyes that shone with pale blue light, with a cold, faint gaze. the former.

on the other corner of the table. A woman in a red shirt was looking at Xuemei who was being scolded in schadenfreude. Hearing the sound of the door, she quickly turned her eyes to Xiao Yan who was behind Otto, her mouth twitched, and she muttered, "Teacher. That's why you want to go down to meet people in person? It's a big deal. oh~”

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"Uh... I don't know what's going on, but looking at the current situation, it doesn't seem that this brand of poison has any backlash against you. Maybe... it was refined by you for your own use?" Hai Bodong shook his head. road.

"Little bastard, even if Ya Fei is protecting you today, don't think about walking out of the auction in peace." At the moment of resistance, a sudden thought flashed in the young man's heart, but the thought in his heart has not yet settled down, and it contains the strength of oppression. His fist firmly touched the former's arm, and suddenly, with a slight click, the young man's face changed wildly, and a mouthful of blood could not help spurting out from his throat, and his body was also affected by The thrust caused by that strong energy slammed into the wall, and at the moment, another mouthful of blood spurted out, kneeling on both feet, and curling up in pain.

"Rock Owl's is almost done"

"What's wrong?" Seeing Fa Yan's appearance, Hai Bodong couldn't help but ask in surprise. He just said that Xiao Yan's talent is very good, but he didn't expect the other party to have such a reaction.

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"Cuckold, this is also the ability that Old Man Nalan believes in you, but I didn't expect that you would actually be able to expel the poison from Old Man Nalan's body. You know, that is a drama that even King Pill Gu He has a headache. Poison, now there are many forces in the imperial capital, there is news about you." Ya Fei stared at Xiao Yan, and said with some surprise, when she introduced him to the Nalan family, she just tried it out. Thought, but never thought that Xiao Yan would actually be able to cure the old man Nalan.

"Little brother, I think in order to save some trouble. Why don't we live at Nalan's house?" Hearing this, Nalan Jie quickly smiled enthusiastically.

out of the hotel. Xiao Yan stood on the street and looked around. Then, he walked towards the Alchemist Guild, which could be seen in a towering corner even from a distance.

"Okay." Nalan Jie nodded with a smile. The wings on the back vibrated closely behind Xiao Yan.

"Hey, I didn't expect this old guy to be dead yet? These old things are more enchanting than the other..." Standing beside Xiao Yan with narrowed eyes, Hai Bodong suddenly raised his head after hearing Otto's introduction. , glanced at the old man, and murmured in a low voice.

"Boom, bang, bang..."

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