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The paleness on Linglin's cheeks was just a moment. It just dissipated. Turn your head. Looking at the group of young people who had been flanking around him and wanted to gain his favor. At this time, he looked at the woman in the moon robe behind him with a coveted face. One of them was a little weaker. Even his face turned red. Eyes full of fiery.

Everyone around the venue was quiet at this moment, and they stared at the two people who were still in the arena.

"I've said enough!"

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Being watched by countless eyes, above the sky, Queen Medusa was silent for a long time, sighed lightly, pursed her sexy red lips, Mei Mei looked at Gu He with a little regret, and said helplessly: "I have to admit, your terms are tempting, but..."

"Then... try it."

"Teacher. Just now... what happened?" He twisted his neck slightly. Xiao Yan frowned and asked softly. the question he asked. Naturally, it was the foolproof attack of Yao Lao earlier. Why was it suddenly shattered.

Resisting the scorching pain that came out of his body, Xiao Yan closed his eyes slowly, and his mind gradually sank into his body.

Hearing Xiao Yan's words, Hai Bodong had no choice but to shake his head. He didn't know why this young man with a bright future had to stubbornly provoke Yun Lanzong. Could it be that he didn't know this kind of behavior and was a little stupid?

"Tsk tsk, it's really a good thing..." Scanning the plain paper back and forth, Xiao Yan couldn't help but smack his lips. He didn't expect that this thing could not only break the seal, but also make the human body that was hit by the seal, even more sensitive to all the previous ones. The seal in the middle increases some resistance, and this alone does not give it the name of the sixth-grade medicine pill.

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Hearing Yao Lao's words, Xiao Yan's body trembled violently. Beneath the blood-colored stratum corneum, a pair of eyes were wide open. He pulled the corners of his mouth slightly in disbelief, and put his hand into the strange fire? Are you looking for death?

Along the way, following Xiao Yan's side, every time the disgusting glances from around him would make Qinglin's petite body tremble slightly, and the cute little face that should have been loved by countless people was also full of bleakness.

In Ottodi's words, there was an obvious gesture of goodwill, Xiao Yan just hesitated for a moment, then nodded, in this Jama Empire. The Alchemist Guild is undoubtedly a behemoth that is not inferior to the Yun Lanzong. It is not harmful to me to get online with them. Moreover, in the future, some strange things will always be needed for refining medicine. At this time, the Alchemist Guild's This trading system is extremely convenient, so. for this matter. Xiao Yan did not resist too much.

"I don't know very well, even I am only vaguely feeling it, and I still can't tell who he is." Yao Lao also said with a slight headache.

In the cold lower room. As Hai Bo Dong gradually entered the state of cultivation. The atmosphere gradually became quiet. Xiao Yan just sat on the chair and stared at his palm intently. It seems that he doesn't care at all whether Hai Bo Dong's progress in cracking the seal is going smoothly.

"Teacher. Let's go..." The palm suddenly grabbed the heavy ruler and inserted it into the sand. Xiao Yan let out a sigh of relief. Shen said: "It doesn't matter whether their goal is Qinglian's heart fire. We must rush to the depths of the desert as soon as possible. If Guhe really has this plan, then let's let them fight."

Seeing Xiao Yan nodding, Hai Bodong finally breathed a sigh of relief, and the smile on the old face also increased a little because of this.

"Cough..." With a light cough, Xiao Yan rubbed his slightly swollen chest, slowly calculating the strength gap between the two sides.

Soon after the black-robed man disappeared. Northeast and Southwest of the desert. Two lights and shadows chasing the stars and the moon flashed over. After a while. appeared over the city. He looked down at the chaos in the city. The faces are extremely ugly. Hands waving quickly. Two huge grudges. Violently hit on the huge cyan wind layer. Under the combination of the inside and the outside. Just cracked it.

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