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Because the body fighting qi out of sight of the instant stagnated, but also make this moment's gruff can only watch the blood spears shoot at themselves, there is no a bit of evasive power.

"Jie Jie, Elder Su, leave it to you now. I hope you won't hear of the destruction of the inner court tomorrow."

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"Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing want to practice more in the inner courtyard for some time, Lin Yan that stubborn guy, said he promised Xiao Yan to go with him, so" Sunjia helpless shook his head, sighed.

A blow failed, Yao oh is also some surprised, the body in the middle of the air like the fish children in the water, a strange twist, and that heavy ruler, is close to its body, the dangerous to wipe away.

Green fire wings gently shake, Xiao Yan is straight straight from the back of the lion mandarin animal jump and down, spin the wings several flickering, body shape is turned into a black shadow.Quickly disappeared in the crowd in the wild.

As the first person in refining medicine in Black Corner Region, Han Feng, who has already become six-grade refining herbalist, has a rather high status in the heart of many forces and even strong people. Of course, a six-product refining herbalist, even if he looks at the whole Daliu, is very rare. Even if it is an ordinary emperor or even a strong one of Dou-zong, meeting with him, he has to hold his qi for three points. After all, everyone knows how powerful a six-grade refining herbalist owns!

There were whispers all over the high platform, and at the judge's seat, Su Qian waved his hand slightly, and the sound of the whole court suddenly lowered a lot.

At this moment, Xiao Yan, of course, would not have paid any attention to the threat of the Queen of Middhurst, and there was once again a deep and frantic roar between her throats. Suddenly, her eyes were more red, and his body leaped, like a fierce tiger, pressing the proud Her Majesty under her, her palms dancing wildly, and the crisp sound of her skirt torn, ringing twice in the lava world

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"It's good to have the compensation of the Ring."Su Qian shook his head, and the smile on his face slowly narrowed." But the most important thing is that you are now targeted by the "Palace of Scenes". That mysterious organization is not comparable to ordinary forces."In the end, his face and earth could not help but emerge a thread of worry, obviously, he was also extremely afraid of the mysterious palace".

Two people this round of confrontation, not long time, but quite dangerous, as long as the two sides appear slightly wrong, that heavy ruler and already, will make each other appear not light injury.

Liu Qing's game is undoubtedly today's game of all the few wonderful battles, but his strength to have such a level of combat performance also did not let people feel too surprised

Everybody looks at each other, they dare not speak, was falling heart inflammation swallowed and dragged into the depths of the earth, even if it is a strong fighting clan, fear is also a lot of bad luck less ah

In that countless eyes under the firm gaze, the next moment, Xiao Yan arm trembling, hands Xuan Chong ruler, roar down!

Feeling the twitching pain from the cyclone, Xiao Yan shook his head with a bitter smile and moved his head. The vigorous fighting qi poured out from all parts of the body like a mountain torrent, and then all went along the route of the "Incineration" skill. At last, it poured into the cyclone continuously and joined the two-color fire which burst louder and louder.

Lin Xiu Cliff words, immediately caused a sound of agreement, they do feel in the heart after forging body, they are more sensitive to the energy between heaven and earth more sensitive, obviously, this should be some benefits of heart inflammation forging body.

In general, in this first round draw is to meet Liu Qingnian, almost can say, completely lost into the top ten opportunities, the blue clothes Qingnian itself strength is not weak, the strong list ranking is also in the midstream position, but met almost half of the foot to fight the king of Liu rock, that win, several marriages can be ignored, for this point, not only off-site students clear, is blue dress Qingnian himself, also know, this game, afraid is less lose more.

"Elder Su, it's not very good for us to fight against it like this. It's too exhausting to support this energy net. If it stays still, we can't sustain it all the time."Sun Sun flashed to Su Qian's side and stared closely at the invisible python in the energy net, frowning and murmuring.

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