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"Ho ho! Don't intimidate me. Your dean hasn't appeared for so many years. Who knows where he has gone?"Han Feng smiled and looked at the sky immolation gas tower eyes filled with fervent," and as long as I get this strange fire, even if he later came to me, who is unlucky still not know!"That's why I urge the Elder Elder to hand over the fire, and you know what kind of character we are in the Black Corner Region. If we really want to fight later, I'm afraid this inner court will be destroyed and clean?""Han Feng seems to smile, voice is actually a threat meaning.

As soon as the green white mushroom cloud rose, a figure was like a ball hit hard by a heavy hammer, shooting down from the sky, along the way, scarlet blood sprinkled across the sky, like a bright blood rainbow.

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However, no matter how they think, the field Xiaoyan is still stubborn to take such a move, the eyes are cold, directly looking at the instant and Liu Qing.

They smiled and nodded slightly, considering these two years of time, the three are also regarded as old friends, from the original each not very pleasant to today's cooperation to create the "Rock Gate" such forces, the friendship between the three is also more mellow, Wu Hao in the conduct of a slightly dull, but once identified friends, powder pressure to appear two hearts, Sunjia exquisite mind, is also true temperament person, and Xiao Yan relationship is also very good, therefore, for that needless thanks words, are not mind.

Eyes at the distant blurred black fog, Xiao Yan suddenly got up with his teeth, stumbling to Han Feng's corpse, palm against the latter skin, a moment later, his face suddenly heavy: "Damn, the sea flame was also taken away with the soul!"

Wu Hao and other people, also at this moment tight up, this kind of melee fight, an carelessness, almost a serious injury defeat, although they are very familiar with the close-body combat, but that Liu Qing, Si sample is also a master in this ah.

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Medicine old laughter, suddenly sounded in Xiao Yan's heart, that laughter, mixed with a little relief and excitement.

"Tut, six-grade herbalist's soul, this harvest is really not small."Hanfeng soul into the black fog, that unpleasant sound with a trace of satisfaction ring, then the black fog surging, distant Xiao Yan can detect, there a pair of eyes, swept towards themselves.

The long gun is lifted up, pointing to Xiao Yan in the opposite distance, feeling the powerful and powerful energy circulating constantly in the body, and a ferocious smile can't help but crack from the corner of the mouth of Bicheng. The laughter is hoarse like a sword across the glass, making the eardrum tingling.

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"Well."Xiao Yan nodded and gazed at the young girl in green opposite.

"He was the best student ever at Canaan College, never before, and perhaps beyond.

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