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A palm turn, the moon stone was installed into the ring, and lost a lighting use of the moon stone, stone indoor light, suddenly dim a few points.

Be debunked the purpose in the heart, Xiao Yan also not embarrassed, shrugged shoulders, eyes baba looked at medicine old.

Smell speech, elegant princess is holding the jade hand of teacup slightly one quiver, beautiful eye is surprised stare at beside of young, na na way: "you want to do again?"

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I saw a dozen pieces of broken iron in midair. Suddenly by an invisible force anti tweezers and walk, and small iron inverted fly direction, just is xiao Yan place.

Seems to be some surprised the age of the master of the black robe, elegant princess jade hand mask red lips softly smiled, the chest of a pair of plump draw a heart-stirring radian, light smile, elegant princess this just smile of the way: "please old gentleman and so on, some procedures, still in the process."

Embarrassed of escape back to own room, Xiao Yan this just gasp for breath of relief, wipe a forehead of cold sweat, wry smile way: "this woman, later if grow up, I'm afraid than that auction of elegant concubine even goblins..."

Listening to the announcement of the tester, Xiao Zhan on the high platform took a breath, but at the end of the words, it suddenly became vague.

Stay the night coming, all things after sleeping, lying in bed Xiao Yanmeng opened his eyes, vigorous, jumped out of bed, remove hidden in the closet of medicinal materials, carefully on the table, and then look back and looked at it like ghost suspended a foot above the ground of old, asked softly: "teacher, can now, isn't it?"

"Dead, ghosts!" Step once again, into the attack range of mu Snake, face emerges a ferocious. Do not hesitate, the hands of the broadsword, mercilessly toward xiao Yan's neck chop and go.

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"The little bastard, hit on the head with a rock? Is he going to take out our whole regiment of wolfheads all by himself?"

"As the name suggests, the fight. To be able to fly in the sky." Amazed smacked mouth, Xiao Yan explained.

Line out of the room, Xiao Yan looked at those nearby still sink invasion in the shock of the clansman, shrugged his shoulders, to stay after the son came out, two people this just leisurely court walk out of the path.

"Wind blade knife dance!"

"Cut." Suddenly in the stone room sounded a slight brittle sound. Let xiao Yan palm solidification and down.

Moving swiftly past some bushes, a small heap of rocks came into view, and behind it, leaning against a mountain wall, green vines spread over it.

After thinking wildly, if Lin tutor shook his head, commanded two male students will faint outside the Gola carry in, bowed his head and looked at the wounds of Gola, immediately dai mei micro cu, some of the innocent face of xiao Yan one eye.

Eyes slightly narrowed, Xiao Yan pursed the zipped mouth, suddenly fierce bending body, merciless pressure in Xiao Yu's body, two bodies of the fit, directly lead to xiao Yan's chest was on two groups of soft and tender.

After meditating for a long time, Xiao Yan's eyebrows stretched slowly, nodded slightly, his fist was clenched, and there was a faint yellow fight on it. After a little silence, he immediately hit a huge tree trunk beside him in xiao Yan's low shout.

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