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Qi Guan Chun Fang 476word 171855people read continuous loading

"Hehe, don't worry. It's useless to rely on many people to solve the problem between me and her."Xiao Yan smiled bitterly, then bowed his hand to Su Qian." Now that everything's all told me, I'll go back first."

"Since Elder Su Qian insists on finding trouble with my" Black League ", don't blame us for being disgraced."Han Feng smiled grimly and turned his eyes to Xiao Yan." But I won't embarrass you at Canaan College because you have sent me such a nice gift."

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Xiao Yan saw this complacent look, Xun 'er cheeks are more crimson, give him a severe loss of a white eye, but in the experience of the previous leak * point, this white eye is idle especially charming six

"But you seem a little strange these days, girl?"Xiao Yan, looking straight at her moving smiling face, suddenly said.

Chapter 604Phishing Pill

"Cough!"The faint cough sounded in the ears of everyone, and immediately the whispers began to fall. A moment later, the whispers began to dissipate completely. They looked up at the black-robed old man at the center of the high-rise, full of awe and respect. As the elder in the inner court, whose strength and power were only under the mysterious prefect, even ordinary elders, kept an interval between them, not to mention the students.

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The heart almost whispers, a cyan flame quietly permeates that pair of billows black eye building, at a certain moment, Xiao Yan eyes suddenly changed the world, the head of the sky has a huge size square python, the giant mouth half a foot below a snake scale, slowly appeared a group of seemingly invisible, but can be perceived with the sense of the flame bright light found!

Xiao Yan looked astonished at that suddenly is vomiting blood injured Han Feng, before the latter also complacent, did not expect this blink time, is made into this thunder-like, that falling heart inflammation, really terror in Xiao Yan dismayed, drug old cry suddenly sounded in his heart, so that all his pores, are now suddenly constricted up!

"This is this little boy's strange fire?" On the judge's bench, Su Qian's old eyes twinkle, after a while, just surprised muttered: "But I didn't expect that at his age, he was able to control the strange fire to such a sophisticated degree, it really is a little strange ah."

"But Liu Qing's big split split coffin claw is really powerful and terrible, I'm afraid I can't catch up with my eight-pole collapse." Five fingers slightly clenched Xiao Yan sighed that although both are metaphysical level, but his practice of eight-pole collapse is only two or three years while Liu Qing is less tempered nearly twenty years this can be compared?Moreover, Liu Qing's own strength is far more than him, and cooperate with that big split to split the coffin claw Xiaoyan really can only temporarily avoid the front

This moment, Han Feng's face, instantly become extremely ugly!

Tiny hands gently wave, bright colorful light from the United States Du to the queen's body burst out, the invisible flame will resist down, although she is not strange fire, but with its own strong strength, even if the heart is falling, it is not easy to refine her.

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