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Article 781 Capture "Boom!"

Sound sounded, Xiao Yan and other people just want to be urgent, I saw Scorpio Bi Yan body is again eerie shrink up, the unexpected self-explosion, also did not appear, and in their astonishment, Scorpio Bi Yan face is again exposed a grim smile, one with blood bubbles burst open, then mouth is big drum, head back!"Shit!""

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Chapter 761 Rush to Izumo!

;, um."Xiao Yan nodded casually, then frowned and said," Is it possible to get in?

Seeing Xiao Yan's smiling face, McGrady and the girl in purple opened their mouths. Some of them would not be divine. After such a good moment, the man just held the girl in purple hesitatingly and ran quickly to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was relieved to see this guy didn't escape. After spending so much effort, he finally took care of the soul temple guy.

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Xiao Yan's face was a slight dullness when they heard their words. For Canaan College, his feelings were not shallow. No matter what thoughts came from, it was indeed necessary to take action.

"If you really want to hide your deeds, you can also lead the king?" The cloak shot out, and Medusa's coquettish face was also revealed. She looked at the little medical fairy with cold eyes and mocked.

Chapter 778 Strike to Death

"Boy, as expected of the Lord of the Classic of Flames, he really has some means..."

"That guy's ten, too."Xiao Yan looked up at the leader in black above the branch, casually.

Chapter 774 Soul Bag

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