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Looking at by medicine old capture and walk of all reserves, Xiao Yan helplessly pull pull mouth, turn a head to look at the waterfall under the huge stake, mercilessly bite teeth: "small ye what bitter didn't eat, can you still be stumped?"

"Eat... Poison?" Looking at the sight of the old medicine, Xiao Yan first one leng, followed by the face of a fierce change, horrified.

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Three young master, Xiao Yan is the third in the family, there are two older brothers, but they have already gone out to experience, only the end of the year, will occasionally come home, in general, the two elder brothers to xiao Yan this brother, is also very good.

"Grind lion, four stars, hey hey, little brother call me lion." A physique some strong man, blunt Xiao Yan simple and honest smile.

Xiao Yu's anger, in addition to let rob's mind sour gas more, it seems that there is no other effect.

"Cochran, nine years old, seventeen years old."

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Outside the tent, seven or eight mercenaries are strictly guarding at the door, at this time, these mercenaries, is a young man in awe of the outside, when see a small doctor fairy out, are quickly to the small doctor fairy line a ceremony.

Took the powder, Xiao Yan will all pour into the hands, and then hold it tightly. Keep your eyes on the rock snake that's about to strike.

Looking at the countless small jade bottles appearing out of thin air, all the people in the hall, except the young girl in blue by the window, were shocked by the huge amount of Dan medicine and breathed a cold breath.

A little embarrassed of smile smile, Xiao Yan spread his hand: "sorry. I really need it. I've been looking for it for a long time."

For old these secretive, mysterious words, ZSZSZSZ have to face is helpless, but later, he also gradually stopped almost daily dou spirit cultivation of all time, occasionally have time, practice fighting skill in the valley, more free, is in medicine, under the guidance of old after identify those strange herbs in the valley.


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