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Steady the hongchen of body shape, at the moment the facial expression is abnormal of gloomy, he sullen of saw Xiao Yan one eye, way: "have never thought of, you incredibly also be seven star dou Huang, hide to pour quite deep, pardonable Han jia will look for you, you have qualification to do my opponent, however, want to win me, with the force that you put to good use, return far enough!"

Eyes carefully under the mask sweeping, a moment later, Xiao Yan suddenly light yi, he now, this mask section of the body, it seems that there are faint faint xu some difficult to show the space mark selection.

"All souls make obey, knot ten thousand souls eat spirit array!"

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Zhongzhou continent, the area is extremely vast, therefore, within the zhongzhou, some large cities "are set up with the so-called" wormhole space ", in order to slow down the road, the builder of the worm hole "space", mostly some belong to the peak of the city the strong or predecessors, so, if the construction of "space wormhole" the predecessor, which belongs to the family, Then this "wormhole space", will also measure can become so that family, of course, this kind of public transportation measures, even these forces strong family, also dare not to take up alone, but also rarely have family would do such a stupid thing, after all, be open, every year, a "space wormhole" brought about by the profits, it will be late pretty horrible number, this number, Enough to feed a family, inside and out.

Just as space took up speed, the suction from the storm also took up a lot. For a while, the two actually came to a direct stalemate. And in the stalemate, the huge space storm is also slowly moving towards the direction of Xiao Yan and others. "The degree is already the limit, if it goes on like this, sooner or later it will be dragged back!"

Flood home seat above, looking at the strange Xiao Yan, Hongli eyebrows is also wrinkled, with his understanding of Han, the other party is impossible to find a fall guy in this kind of occasion, but if it is not so, don't they think this young people really can Hongchen fight not?

Facing the Han Tian closely followed, Xiao Yan is a smile, sole landing, an explosion sound sounded in the sole of the foot, a force of impact, is directly xiao Yan's body thrust out.

Finish saying that finish, he is also lifted wine bag, merciless lure two, that burning feeling immediately rises from the abdomen and rise, make its face emerge a blush.

"Did the flirting ever end? If so, then prepare to die." Contains the sen cold sound of no horse kill meaning, suddenly sounded, xiao Yan and the conversation between the little doctor fairy interrupted, two people look around, is to see that the body suspension sky, the body is covered by the black fog Han Feng."

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A towering stone platform, faint, with a very powerful space force, diffuse out.

This body covered with blood, in silence for a long time, suddenly subtle quiver, spin

For the hearts of the people, Han Feng does not know, at the moment he, in the means of the surprise xuan Protect after killing, the latter soul due to the loss of sanity drive, gradually become a lot of unreal.

What's more, this puppet of Xiao Yan is still only a dummy earth demon, but it is a dummy earth demon. I really don't know how powerful the so-called heavenly demon is.

"That thing is making all the souls eat each other, and the same will happen!" Su Qian face solemn looking at the strange black red clouds, feel which came out of the amazing violent mood, can not help but sink.

Mo wuxing frowns tightly of stare at that pair slightly some familiar bone wing, after a moment, it is fierce finally recall, at this moment bone wing, is not xiao Yan at the beginning from the auction of that warcraft mummified bone empty bag?

"Hongchen, you today with people into my Han home, rather too much? Don't think you are the disciple of fenglei Pavilion, you can be unscrupulous, I han can stand in the day north city for so many years, is not to be stepped out of!" In the hall, a middle-aged man dressed in a brocade robe, slowly speaking the way, the tone is not big, but it has a sense of self-dignity.

Listen to her explanation, Xiao Yan this just suddenly, immediately smacked mouth, exclaim way; "It is the poison of trouble, and this kind of way of improving strength is really unheard of."

"Oh, just do your best." Su Qian smiled, did not put this word too much in the heart, the inner courtyard did not fall heart inflammation, so-called practice adding device "day burn refining gas tower" is also will lose effect, this for the inner courtyard, in fact, the loss is quite big, but he also know the importance of different fire for Xiao Yan, nature is impossible to say what to beg words. For su Qian's state of mind, although he did not say, but Xiao Yan did not feel completely, to be honest, for the inner courtyard and Su Qian, he always held a trace of guilt, after all, when came to Canaan College, he is indeed to fall heart inflammation... Now to achieve, but brought a big loss to the inner court, therefore, ZSZSZSZ heart has been thinking about how we can help get rid of the inner court thoroughly, while the so-called "poly fire pot" seem to have a big effect, but as a fallen carditis master ZSZSZSZ most clearly, residues and the heart inflammation, are always the body, It's not nearly as good as the real heart attack here..." .

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