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"There were three distinct smells over there, but the man in front was clearly running away, and the other two closely followed, as if he were a slain."Xiao Yan frowned a little, looked to the north of the plain, hesitated a little, and then the soul's sense of mind spread out from the brow, like the tide boat, and in a short moment, he brought the distant situation into his mind.

Between the slight changes of Medusa's pretty face, the purple cocoon transformed by purple stone seems to be affected by the violent fluctuation of the energy of the world around it, and suddenly a strong purple light burst out.And under the purple light, the rich heaven and earth energy in the valley is also dispersed part, toward the light cocoon crazy flow.

As the sky rises gradually, the happiness of the whole Yunlan Mountain has finally reached its peak. Countless cheers gather together and go straight into the sky.

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Without the reputation you've accumulated, what's the use of the two of us alone?"Wu Hao shook his head. They all knew that although Xiao Yan really seldom participated in the matter of Panmen, without Xiao Yan's reputation, it would have been impossible for the Panmen to reach this scale, and the position of Xiao Yan's army in the hearts of the Panmen, and the movement caused by his return from this time can be clearly seen.

The breath is bound to rise to the point where it can rival those who are strong at fighting school. That is to say, the "Three Beasts are Wild" practiced by these three men

Sitting up from the boulder with a smile, Xiao Yan smiled at Medusa and said, "From now on, we can be considered companions."

Behind the men's green wings are also at this moment become a lot thinner, all of these, is proof, at the moment of Xiao Yan, is the end of the real crossbow!

Of course, the nature alone won't make Xiaoyan so frown, and this cultivation maniac, like most sensitive male serpents, take Medusa as the goddess in the heart, and because its strength in the clan is second only to Medusa, so generally speaking, it is the most likely person, but unfortunately, this midway suddenly appeared Xiao Yan this blocking tiger, so even if he did not meet with this person, but Xiao Yan also know that he should have a lot of hostility towards himself.

Heard "Xiao Yan had Zhen nodded, turned, hesitated for a while, and then turned around, looking at the vast forest, suddenly sinking voice:" Little medical immortals" I don't know what you have been born these years, but I said that those years, no matter what you become, I Xiaoyan still see you as a friend "this bearing well, even now, there has not been a slightest shake"

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"The serpents, commander of Merbas!"The male snake man fixed his eyes on Xiao Yan, and the hostility in his eyes was obvious:" Are you that Xiao Yan?"

"Have you made your pills?"The beautiful eye swept Xiao Yan's body," asked Medusa.

Seeing Naran's sweet nod, cloud rhyme also does not drag, finger print move, that the innumerable white energy mist that fills below is fast floating, finally condensed in its side, like a sea of clouds.

"Yan Meng!"

Will the three a shock, Xiao Yan this just turned to look towards Xiao Li, the two brothers are witty mutual smile.

"Xiao Yan little friend, our refining herbalist association is different from the family, the guild is not too strict, all many refining herbalists have free body, refining herbalist association, cannot represent their choice, so..." the mammoth sighed.

"Old Di, these two old men are still only four star-fighting kings in three years at most. How can they break through to the fighting emperor in just three years?"A figure flashed across to Haibodong and was now born, exactly Mittelle.Tengshan, at the moment he was also looking incredulously at the distant sky two people.

Xiao Yan glances coldly at some angry Nalan Yan Yan, the voice said flat: "If you see the day I saw my Xiao family almost nearly killed by Yunlan, the scene is, would you still say so?"

"Ho ho! Though you can rest assured, no one dares to touch our" Yan League "in the Kama Empire."Bailijong-hastily nodded, for Xiaoyan's words in the other meaning, he naturally also clear, now busy way.

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