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With the snow demon ape claw hit above the chest, contains the horrors of cold whirlpool ball.Suddenly shot, its target, pointing to the sky in the sky busy, along the way.In the nothingness of space.It was a long white mark left behind by a faint shadow.

"Brother Xiao Yan values Uncle Xiao very much.Uncle Xiao was chased by Yunlanzong disappeared. He was naturally so angry that he lost his sense."With a sigh, he turned back to the subject.

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And it seems to understand the anti-inflammatory words, the sky-swallowing python is also a hissing sound, glistening in the enchanting snake pupils

Xiao Yan wiped a cold sweat, this imperial pill is so terrible?Do you need this kind of elixir if you want to break through to the Emperor?

Although it is not clear what the jade-like viscous liquid is, but the pure energy contained in it, but let Xiao Yan shocked, this pure energy, enough than below bluestone groove in the earth-core quenching body milk more than ten times more rich ah.

Looking at the figure that has gone a long way, but appears again strange figure, Xiao Yan forehead, instantly cold sweat dense, this old fellow is really cunning ah, if it was not medicine old reminder before, I am afraid he appeared will be caught, this situation, it seems he is not the first time to meet.

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"Well, that's it, though I've never eaten anyone."The little girl hummed, and after talking to Xiao Yan for a while, her attitude towards him was much better.

Heart turn this idea, Xiao Yan will be diluted two bottles of earth core quench milk into the receiving ring, and then no longer stay, turned along the way to come fast travel because has been familiar with the road, so Xiao Yan out this time is curtailed a lot of time, only less than 20 minutes time, is out of the cave.

After scanning the face for a while, it stopped coming down, and the dark shadow trembled. When it appeared again, it was actually on the small mountain where the old medicine was refined.

"What a coincidence, Your Majesty, that we have met again."The extremely low IQ of the meeting words, can show now Xiao Yan heart nervous to what extent, for the woman in front of this, Xiao Yan fear to its, almost stronger than Yun Lanzong Yunshan.

Chapter 516 True and False Geocentric Milk

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