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Xiao Yan pulled Ziyan with a wave of his hand.To the side of the small medical fairy smile-smile, then took the lead to the gate of the city.

Between Xiaoyan and Scorpion Mountain entanglement, that Scorpio Bi Yan also suddenly moved the offensive, I saw its shape flash, is directly appeared in front of the small medical immortals body, blood-colored tongs wave, against the latter waist clamp ancient.

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Xiao Yan felt his nose and smiled. "There's something to look for the Elder. Besides, I'm afraid you're going to run out of the heart-throats in the Heavenly Burning Gas Refining Tower in the inner courtyard."

Asked by the Centice Cliff, there are also some strong poison clans looking at Xiaoyan three people. At most, their eyes naturally stay on the body of swallowing Ziyan. They seem to feel quite strange that such a little girl made of pink jade should come to such a dangerous place.

"Heaven Poison Prison!"

"This guy must be the Scorpio Sect strong man, Scorpio Bi Yan?"Xiao Yan looked at the sudden appearance of the old man and whispered in a low voice.

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The ferocious energy hits hard in the void, bursting out a sound of giggle, a faint smoke is rising and rising.

The impact, did not produce the slightest force, but the dark awn like a liquid, in an instant is disappeared on Xiao Yan's skin.

"I didn't expect that it was the old dialect guy who led the team in the fire valley this time.

"It's a kind of yin poison skill used to cultivate poison fighting qi in the cloud empire. It can condense the whole body of poison qi and inject it into the enemy's body. Finally, a black spot is formed. The black spot will constantly release poison thread. When these poison threads are spread all over every acupoint of the body, Shao-Zhong recruited person's internal meridians will fester and eventually suffer endless pain and slowly die."The voice of Little Doctor Immortal was filled with anger.

At this moment this second floor hall, put some crystal cabinet, crystal cabinet, hold some jade box, jade box, there is a faint sparkle in the jade box, at a glance, know it is not ordinary things.

"Jie Jie, good boy, you really look down upon you, and deserve to be able to kill two emperors.

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