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"Those elders of Yunlanzong have been cultivating for so many years before they have achieved such achievements. You are still young. I'm afraid you will have reached the Douzong rank long before they get there."Xiao Yan smiled and said, with the talent of the three men, there will be opportunities in the future. It is not impossible to reach such a level.

At the sound of the hawk's cry, all the people present except Xiao Yan's face changed slightly, and Haibodong and other people on the fortress looked very ugly.

Xiao Yan heard the talk with the old medicine, the people are more determined the relationship between the two, the moment is all can't help but swallow a spit, look at each other, all are some shocked, did not expect, this guy."That's why I dare challenge Yun Lanzong.

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Xiao Yan smiled and held the teacup in his hand. "As for the cloud mountain?"Give it to..."

The other two elders nodded and smiled coldly. The strength of each other merged into each other, and a majestic breath burst out and swept across the sky.

The black shadow fell to the ground, and the young man with black robes on his back was beautiful.SCCM-AdminUI.exe

"You're interested in those" lotus bottles" I made?"Without looking around him, Xiao Yan glanced at the deep hole not far away, but smiled quietly.

(The end of the fourth shift)

Chapter 72 Changes

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Xiao Yan was stunned and shook her head with a smile. "We're just brothers and sisters who grew up together," she said. "There's no need to say that again. I've forgotten what happened."Xiao Yan finally stopped, turned downstairs and disappeared into the sight of the two women.

"Third Brother, though these guys have agreed to our terms, they still have to watch carefully. It's common for people in the Black Corner to turn their backs."She walked slowly to Xiao Yan's side and looked at Medusa with a contrite look, then frowned to sink his voice." Hehe, this is natural. If it weren't for Medusa here today, I'm afraid they wouldn't have agreed to our terms so easily."Xiao Yan smiled and said.

Straight in front of his face za.

The mind flashed this idea, Xiao Yan that some blurred vision of the eyes is also passed a touch of cruel light, hands printed knot suddenly move.

Turning their eyes to one side again, Sunjia and Wu Hao, Xiao Yan pondered for a moment, slowly said: "I think you should have heard a little news, I in the black corner formed a force named" Xiao Men ", the college" Panmen "potential unlimited, but in the control of natural defects, students after graduation, will always leave, and the inner courtyard" fire "can not provide them in the outside world survival, so I would like to ask you to pay more attention, if there are graduates in the future, you can introduce them into, Xiao Men" of course, this is all voluntary, if they do not want to, then do not reluctantly."

At the wedding stage, Yun Yun's eyes are also blinked without blinking at the flickering glow of the sky, although now fighting qi is sealed, but the perception of the emperor is still in, therefore, for that fire lotus within the fear of energy, she is also a reaction, the next pretty face surging a little panic and anxiety, such as jade, like slim hand is also tightly clenched, her heart clear, Xiao Yan and Yunshan, are already really moved kill moves, and next, I am afraid this is the moment of victory or defeat!

Chapter 68-6: Boil the fire!Huge energy fingerprint, emerging in countless shocked eyes, then a slight stagnation, is with a strange strong pressure and energy fluctuation, against the explosion of the energy sword, hard hit away.

Jin light into the brain, Xiao Yan is suddenly clinging to his head out of a mournful cry, at the moment his head seems to have been forcibly poured into countless things to move, so that his brain has a feeling of crack, but fortunately this sharp pain came to come quickly also quickly, short ten seconds of time, the sharp pain is gradually dissipated.

"Well, look at it again."After a long time's sinking, he sighed and waved, looking vaguely at the far-off energetic fireworks.

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