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Helpless shook his head, Xiao Yan tightly holding the last key, inserted it into the keyhole again, and then carefully slowly moving.

Shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Yan turned around again and groaned in distress, grumbling and scolding: "That group of bastards, sooner or later to kill them all, it's a waste of my time... ..."

See Xiao Yan nod, the smile on the small face of the smoked son suddenly thick on a few minutes, light smile way: "want to be with Xiao Yan brother this half month of closed penance about it?"

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Chapter 118 The Flight of Life and Death

"Well, what I said before is the common flame of the pharmacist, but in the circle of the pharmacist, in addition to relying on the strength of the air to catalyze the flame, there is another kind..." The old medicine smiled, a little proud in the smile.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head, this words, but also really is some quite hit people, their hard work very lucky to get things, to his mouth, actually directly became a broken toy.

"Xiao Yan." Turning the corner, the woman's soft voice. Let Xiao Yan stopped the pace, raised his head, looked at the beautiful woman on the roadside, could not help but smile: "If Lin teacher, how did not go to recruit students?"

Xiao Yan seems to be suddenly nodded, smiling way: "no wonder, so low-level medicine healing medicine, only you this kind of refining pharmacist, to refine, you are really not worthy of your teacher's teachings."

Looking at Xiao Yan this as if facing the enemy's appearance, medicine old helpless shook his head, jade bottle tilt, red liquid, immediately outflow...

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When laughing at oneself, xiao zhan nature is not now, after his words say, that is about to step into the fight qi pavilion xun son, jiao quan is suddenly a stiff, delicate tip of the ear, suddenly like the previous crystal ball general, red hold people.

The sudden change made the Wolf retreat, but just as he did so, a figure shot out of the dead leaves and hit the Wolf's head with a fierce fist.

"It is indeed very cheap. Ten bottles for a hundred ducats, or at ten ducats a bottle, which is indeed rather shabby for a chemist." Nodded slightly, Xiao Yan hesitated for a while and asked: "Teacher, do you have a slightly better prescription for healing medicine?"

Looking at Xiao Yan, medicine old hesitate once, ask a way: "now, you... Want to learn more?"

In the distance not far from two people, Xiao Ning is a full face of jealousy staring at and fumigant xiao Yan laughing, look at the latter looked over, immediately the provocation of the Yang Yang fist.

Shui Ling's big eyes bend into a beautiful crescent moon, xun son's vision is slightly blurred, that pair almost deep into the soul of the picture, but also with a few minutes of warmth, slowly appear...

"Chief, time has been fast, xiao Yan how not to?" Xiao fights beside, two elder frowns ask a way.

The sudden attack, so that sellsword reflexively stretched out his fist, and the heavy blow, but the strength of the energy, it is far beyond his expectations.

"This skill method extremely strange, can evolve also not false, however, danger rate, extremely high!" Again silence for a while, Lao Yao sighed.

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