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Looking at those scattered figures, eyes raised, looking far away at the forest, face surging up to see a crazy ferocious.

Therefore, soon after the sound of early morning bells, began to have six or six teams five to the day immolation gas tower to go, and when Yao Sun hung on the sky, that day the burning gas tower outside the spacious square, but already filled with people.

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Slightly dry palm out of the sleeve robe, Su Yu once again looked at Xiaoyan, sink the sound: "Han Feng please you" words fall, its shape trembling, is also turned into a streamer burst out, and finally in countless eyes watching, and gold and silver two old suddenly collided, a sudden burst of energy fluctuation, like water waves, from the point of contact spread out.

Su Qian was stunned. Suddenly, if you had a deep look at Xiao Yan, he said, "You're trying to hit him with the idea of" sea fire "inside him, right?

"It seems a little difficult."In just two months, Xiao Yan leaped directly to the Three Star Douling Spirit. In this way, Xiao Yan was the first man in the inner court. Besides, he was probably the first person under the King of the Dipper."

Looking at the two rely on the field, around is to Su Qian's strength, but also inevitably gives rise to some feeling of expectation, although the two seem quite big gap, but the game, is still suspense, perhaps others will think Liu Qing win a great deal, but so many years of experience told him, Xiao Yan's victory, perhaps also not low, the game, eyes like him, but also do not know who wins, who loses.

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At the critical moment, Fan tuberculosis only in time to form a blood film on the body surface, Xiao Yan fist, is a roar and arrive, tide-like strength fists gush. And the former body, is also in such ferocious force, shot and retreat, and, in the back, a mouthful of blood is finally will endure from the mouth spurted out.

The infusing of fighting qi continues to a certain moment, and the dark ruler at this moment has been as beautiful as a verdant ruler. However, it is this beautiful ruler, in a slight quiver, the energy leaked out is to make the surrounding space become twisted up.

Xiao Yan looked at the place, the name dressed in the blood robe of the man's body suddenly trembled, then his face rose red, finally the flames from the body burst out, in a low muffled sound, the whole person eerily turned into a pile of ashes.

"Don't worry, the uprising is not very strong. Besides, these elders in the inner court are not fuel-saving lamps. With the elder presiding over it, it is still difficult for her to break through the seal."Medicine smiled and comforted Xiao Yan to find a tight heart.

"Why do you want to find me first?"His face was as clear as iron. Han Feng glanced at Xiao Yan, who was fighting on the side of the busy spectator in the distant sky, and scolded him angrily.

Xiao Yan and other near-stormy near-body attack, Fan tuberculosis completely fell into the downwind, constantly embarrassed to escape, occasionally will be because of the moment Xiao Yan was overwhelmed by a punch and make her face even more pale.

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