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"Eh?" Smell speech, medicine old leng leng: "you still can insist?"

The intense pressure in the air and the hot temperature, so that mu snake eyes flash a touch of horror, he did not expect that this is only a few months, in front of the youth used out of the mysterious fighting skills, power should be elevated to this level.

Nalan is not only beautiful and charming, prominent status, but also excellent talent. When anyone talks about this, he will think that he is like a toad trying to eat swan's meat, but instead he was trampled by swans.

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Just as Gareku was about to send in a convoy to quell the unrest, the cheers rang out, most abruptly, in the streets.

Clenching his lance in his palm, Galenu stared at the man in black. After adjusting himself a little, the sole of his foot hit the ground abruptly and turned into a blue ray of light, heading straight for the man in black who was getting closer and closer.

The face changed, xiao Yan suddenly turned around, eagle sharp eyes behind a burst of scanning, but did not show a shadow...

Look at the xiao Yan that attack again, fume son small mouth one lift, the light gold light on small hand, more add full-bodied.

Eyes from xiao Yan body without traces of the move away, Elegant princess red lips slightly, smiled, patted jade hands, smiling way: "everyone, elegant princess also know you this purpose, so, the auction in front of some beginning dishes, is to be omitted and go, the bottom of the box things, direct appearance."

"The Seven Stars! This old man is a seven star master? You can't judge a book by its cover!" Xiao Yan heart big feel surprised, the strength of the old man, actually than his father, but also taller than two stars.

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"Damn it, only the rich can afford what the pharmacist has configured." Xiao Yan helpless wry smile, he in xiao home monthly pocket money, and many, enough twenty gold coins, these money, put outside, can let a civilian family full of a year, can take these money to buy medicine old said those materials, but just a drop in the bucket, this, is the gap!

"This is? Eyes doubt of blink, the middle-aged person carefully picked up the white jade bottle, nose in the mouth of the bottle gently sniff sniff, a moment later, the face slightly changed, once again looked at Xiao Yan's vision, more than a trace of awe: "adults are lian pharmacist?"

The corners of his mouth twitched. Xiao Yan clenched the iron bar in his right hand, slightly tilted his body, and suddenly twisted it. The iron bar in his hand came out of his hand and turned into a black shadow, which shot hard into the air and jumped into the figure.

Since the identification of Xiao Yan is four product refining pharmacist, Elegant princess arranged the liner in the auction, so this Xiao Yan just came, is a comely maid waiting here for a long time respectfully led to the waiting room, carefully waiting.

"TSK TSK, such a young fighter, in Canaan College, that can be a top talent, hee hee, Jade, your vision is really good oh, but he is your cousin? Why don't you let us have it?" Beautiful girl jiao smile jokingly way.

Suspicious glances. When the ring was gradually transferred to Xiao yan's finger, the skepticism on the clerk's face disappeared and was replaced by a flattering smile: "Please wait a moment, Sir. I'll get it right away."

"Well. I need it!" Nodded, Xiao Yan slant over the head, staring at the little doctor fairy.

Endless request in the continuation of a full half an hour, finally began to gradually slow down, and at this time, deep blue water, has become a few minutes lighter.

"Cut." Suddenly in the stone room sounded a slight brittle sound. Let xiao Yan palm solidification and down.

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