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"It will be the best chance for us to seize when there is an uprising in the fall of the heart, but we must never miss it, otherwise we will want to rob it again in the future.I am afraid it will be ten times more troublesome, so her elixir must be refined as soon as possible."

"That's great, boss!"Seeing the red figure spitting blood and retreating, the crowd of the White Sect could not help but burst into cheers and cheers from the grandstand. Then more sarcastic and curses were heard and sent to the opposite" Rock Gate ", and the members of the Panmen looked blue in anger.Chiya

"What shall we do now?"Looking at the jadeite viscous liquid flowing slowly inside the bell milk, Xiao Yan dared not make any private action, but could only inquire at the medicine old man.

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Nail deeply stabbed into the palm of the heart, blood dripping down the finger seam, Xiao Yan looked at the bed as white as paper, self-reproach as a knife general, so that his heart bursts of pain, did not expect to move Xiao's home to Big Brother, but they did harm.

"It fluctuates in the Canaan College, and it's not easy to find out, though not afraid of them, but there's not much trouble for those old men to find out."Shaking his head, the green-shirt man slowly turned around. At the chest, there was an antique medicine tripod badge. On top of the medicine tripod, six strange ripples of gold glittering slightly fluctuated, causing pain in his eyes.

"En" medicine old focus on the change of color of the water, with the mouth said: "Earth center quenching body milk energy is too huge, depending on your current strength can not be directly taken orally, so can only take this way, and even so.It must also be combined with other drugs to achieve the effect of marrow-refining bone, or forcibly come, don't say washing marrow, empty your life will be directly washed away."

However, just when his palm was stretched out, a very slender little hand seemed to appear out of thin air. In Xiao Yan's astonished eyes, he took out the "dragon beard and fire fruit" on the jade plate.

And the inner courtyard, can quickly enhance the strength of the place, naturally is the day immolation refining tower, and then cooperate with Xiao Yan now has the qualification, this sixth layer, naturally is the best choice!

Looking at the flickering fear color on Xiaoyan's face, Xiao Yan slightly stunned, then frown, heart is a little flipped, since I know Lin Yan, this arrogant guy never had a little fear, but now, this crazy famous Lin Yan is in this strong list first name, fell into silence and show such an expression, this can not Xiaoyan heart continue to maintain a calm state of mind,

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It is a great pleasure for everyone to get an extra reward for their battle experience in the arena.

"Come on, little man!"Ignoring the snow demon ape who roared up to the sky, Xiao Yan shouted at the overpowering python. Xiao Yan was the first to vibrate its wings, his body shape straight towards the depth of the mountain.

"Nonsense, I found this medicinal herb in the mountains. I had a special feeling about these spirits. I didn't steal that old man.""On hearing this, Ziyan's big black eyes burst into an angry voice.

At the end of the deep hole, there will be a time when it is filled, though the energy needed to advance the steps is staggering, but with the addition of three drops of "earth-core quenching milk", that huge energy is being urgently compensated for

In this kind of juncture, Xiao Yan so classics, naturally is immediately led to the full inner courtyard uproar, a time.The gate of the Yin gate was almost blocked.This is Xiao Yan defeated Bai Cheng, won the "strong list" 34th open to accept the challenge for the first time, naturally there are countless people will come to see whether he can still maintain the last time general high-handed combat force!

And as the body of Doujing rounded round, its surrounding discontented diamond corner, but strange convex out, this appearance, it is very like a body covered with long thorn sea urchin.... Fine count to go, that sea urchin, right above, there are nine long sharp thorns.

His eyes quietly brightened a little, so to speak, this little creature is like a treasure-basin like existence? With her strange feeling. Want to seek the spirit of heaven and earth in the mountains, no doubt can reduce a lot of trouble.

In absorbing the energy in the liquid medicine, because the body suction Thailand strong reason, but also caused the surrounding heaven and earth energy is forced to be extracted and absorbed, but this kind of energy directly absorbed from the heaven and the earth is obviously more than the liquid medicine in the energy mottled countless times, but it is superior in quantity and inexhaustible, therefore, in this two-pronged, that magnificent energy is pouring into the body with a continuous situation, indefatigable fill that bottomless hole general crystal.

"Of course, arrogance is the cost of arrogance.Bai Cheng collar if you feel disgusted, Xiao Yan with you play is finished, and the girl started, not exempt also ** part.Xiao Yan laughed faintly, and all of a sudden the black-robed figures in the scene were stunned.

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