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Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you a happy holiday, potatoes continue to code, there are two more, in addition, and then request a monthly ticket, potatoes this month, really hard...)

Foot shadow layer upon layer, like a continuous, silver thunder all the next, a moment later, a low drink sounded, a few huge feet, suddenly meet, immediately burst out, hard impact on silver thunder, will the latter life bi crack west.

Such a great gift, is to make xiao Meliao wry smile, it seems that this matter, for the Han family as expected extremely important, the moment is also a sigh, clenched fists sink sound. "Xiao Yan will try his best to prepare!" (too touched, tears, from the first only dozens of votes of the distance, the brothers are really great!

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The confrontation lasted for about half an hour. In the dark clouds in the sky, the thunder force finally decreased a lot. Immediately, the dark clouds gradually stopped surging, and the west color gradually became faded. Apparently, this Dan Ray thing is over.

Feel the degree of those lizard people, Xiao Yan's eyes also flit a touch of gravity, in this magma, even if he displayed three thousand thunder, I'm afraid the degree is not as good as these lizard people, therefore, escape words, perhaps simply too late.

"It is not for you to restore my soul completely in ten days, but for you to summon me out of my sleep with something soul-nourishing." The voice of heaven fire is also the first time to ring, but also a lot of hurry, it seems that his time is already.

"Hell, the fighting is not so bad for these souls, but it is inexhaustible, and if it goes on like this, sooner or later it will die!" Shaw folded hands pike jitter, silver is an attribute of quarrelling every wave of thunder, will be combined into a soul, but so small a soul, and behind it like a number of wolves, is almost negligible, so after the demolition killed dozens of the soul, he is finally unbearable gasped, ZSZSZSZ big drink a way.

"Several friends came to Tianya city, is it because of space wormhole?" Luo Cheng said with a smile. The face is quite polite, which is to see around some people secretly hit the tongue, in this tianya City, can let the luo family so treat the people, but few ah.

In the refining "raise" the soul "stripping need after many medicinal materials for complete, ZSZSZSZ is finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then called out medicine ding, flame slowly from the fingertips of trail, began to struggle for skyfire honour person soul to dissipate the countdown of refining, perhaps because of the pressing time limit, lead to ZSZSZSZ mentality in a more urgent, Therefore, in the net at the beginning of the two refining, are all failures. However, after two failures, Xiao Yan also finally understand the problem, slowly calm down, and refining, but also gradually into the right track.

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Mang yan shook his head, gently vomited a breath, way; "Come on, you're no match for him. Don't worry, I can take care of myself. You don't need to be distracted." Said to here, he suddenly turned a head toward the purple grind way behind him, "wait for you don't interfere, this time the opponent is different from before, know?"

Leapfrog challenge, to other people, perhaps extremely difficult, but to once ground devil old ghost that kind of strength unfathom of the old devil make cripple xiao Yan of state, but just common, Hongchen can leapfrog, and he, it is to be able to step!

In su Qian side, small medicine fairy and purple grind is suspended and standing, in the power of heaven and earth, even if they, also faint feel a heart palpitations.

Being watched by the public, Xiao Yan could not help but some helpless, the two sisters look like some of the cold, but under the cold, it seems that they are hiding some cunning.


The hot wind whistled in the ear, Xiao Yan's body constantly down the mouth of the cave, and as its body closer to the underground magma world, the air around it, also more and more hot.

The heavenly fire respect person smiled, the voice has some of fervent: "that fierce soul give me to be, ha ha, condensed so much of the soul of the force, for me, but the big fill of the thing, if I can hold of devour and melt, the soul of the force, afraid also can restore to dou Zong level." ."

There was a sudden tittering of the flames as they climbed the chains, and the black mist that surrounded the ten shadows grew fainter, and through the mist came a frightened daylight.

For the path of unpleasantness.

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