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Rob reminded him to the blue and purple face, Xiao Yan flicked his finger, and a red pill appeared, and then everyone watched. Throw it into the mouth, chew it slightly, and after a while, the mouth is slightly opened. A group of fiery purple flames spewed out. He landed firmly on the palm of his hand, which was isolated by vindictiveness.

Feng Li nodded slightly. indeed. A sixth-grade pharmacist. Even the Douhuang strong. Nor will it be easy to blame. after all. The nepotism of the alchemist. It's really scary. Just know your identity. He can invite a large number of friends every day. Then take turns. Even if it doesn't kill you. That's probably exhausting you too.

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"Hey, kid. Don't threaten me with death, I've lived most of my life, what storms have I never seen? You weren't born when I was rampant in the Jama Empire! Are you still afraid of your threat? , If I die, even if you have the ability to reach the sky, it is impossible to get another small residual map. Hey, when the time comes, the small part of the residual map is missing, even if you piece the map together, it will still be I can't find the treasure contained in the map." To Xiao Yan's cold voice with murderous intent. The old man was disdainful.

"Next, it's time to recuperate. It's been a while since the two-month trip to the Yunlan Sect..." Leaning on the back of the bed, Xiao Yan murmured in his heart.

"Bold!" Seeing the black-robed man who flashed his hands in an instant, Yue Mei and Mobas' faces suddenly changed, and the energy behind them fluttered, and they rushed towards the black-robed man.


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Where the sound waves spread. The sand waves that slammed hard instantly solidified. In the end, he fell helplessly.

Hard to imagine. If a fighter. Lost the ability to restore vindictiveness. So can he still be called a fighter?

Taking off his shoes, Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on the bed, his hands formed the seal of cultivation, and his breathing gradually became steady and powerful.

Evil white flames. Storm swept through the air. Take that ink. wrapped in it. under the gaze of the crowd. Ink in flames. Forest white ice. Suddenly emerge from the surface of its body. Blink time. It is to completely wrap it into a lifelike ice sculpture.

Standing in the shade of a lush tree. Xiao Yan raised his head. Quietly watching the guards on the city wall alternately cycle. After a long time. The toes slammed on the ground. The figure turned into a black shadow that shot up the wall of the fortress like lightning. The palm waved eagerly. Cyan flames shot out from between his fingers. Quickly and accurately hit the guards who passed by because of the staggered patrols.

However, just as Xiao Yan turned around, the huge tail of the Fire Spirit Snake swung, unexpectedly wrapped around Xiao Yan's waist, the thick crimson flame on its tail, although it was in contact with the forest white flame It kept turning into nothingness, but the huge power contained in it still pulled Xiao Yan back violently.

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