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The distant figure ignored the screams on the hill, turned slightly and disappeared from view.

After hunting and training in January, Xiao Yan body that let medicine old some worry about the struggle, also finally is stable down, those by the amethyst source of strength, repeatedly quenching by Xiao Yan dozens of times, until the lower abdomen of the cyclone, shrinking nearly half, just stop to continue quenching.

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"You return true enough shameless of, Xiao yan this year just 17, you already 23, this kind of challenge, kui you also say export, if you want to play, this young lady accompany you!" Listen to gailiao's challenge, Xiao Yu willow eyebrows micro vertical, hands long whip a jilt, on the floor with a shallow white mark, hic way.

"I can make two more for you free of charge." Medicine old calm way.

Drew a breath deeply, the evil fire that presses down a few foolish desire to move, Xiao Yan stretches out an arm, embrace that once was praised by him extremely fine willow waist. Arms tightly embrace that soft fiber waist, Xiao Yan has a moment to lose focus.

Seeing the high price of the first bottle of Zhukiling liquid at auction, Princess Ya was also relieved and said to herself, "This price should satisfy the mysterious man, right? Anything to make him feel better about The Mittel auction will be enough!"

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"Damn Mitter's, playing that with me!"

Listening to a burst of envy from the crowd, the smile on the girl's cheek was more than a few minutes, vanity, this is a lot of girls can not resist the temptation...

Fingers on the ring stroked gently, a light green Dan appeared in the palm, this is a relatively good effect of qi Dan, can in a short time...... Reply defiantly.

From Gora's strong attack, to suddenly inexplicable backshot, this is only a short time of more than 10 seconds.

Frowning at the mouth of dozens of meters from the distance of the two three warcraft, Xiao Yan fast from the ring out of a bottle of powder, and then all poured on his body, this powder, is he carefully made, can hide the breath on the body, and not be aware of the smell of warcraft.

Staring in shock at the remnants of the void. Xiao Yan silence for a long time, he did not think. The degree of old medicine, such as terror.

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