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Fingers dancing, to the end of almost a trail of residual shadows, suddenly, fingers suddenly pause, immediately a heavy point, fire trace quietly a tick, a perfect without the slightest loophole seal formation, finally is completely completed.


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As he looked at the invisible and colorless gas, a touch of excitement flashed through his eyes. Immediately after a movement of his hand, the tripod collapsed automatically and turned into an invisible flame, which swept back to Xiao Yan and finally penetrated into his body.

"Is it an old luo?"

Man saw ZSZSZSZ several people fall on the ground, yellow dress is wry smile, sigh a way: "the problem with the space wormhole seems small, or with the ability of the bodhi old zu, not also invited other bucket of the strong, the big guy not good ah, please not only big shelf, and have to ask for compensation, are lion big openings..."

Two requirements, seemingly simple, but is very harsh, both want to get practice degree, and want to keep steady, both want to blunt, want to make two ready, unless you can find an excellent practice place, the most suitable for Xiao Yan practice place, the condition is actually to say, is not very high, Because all he needs is a place of extreme fire and energy concentration and purity, and of course, if it can be more quiet and undisturbed, so much the better...

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That face no expression, to what are indifferent mo Tianxing and eagle mountain old man, when listening to this, the palm of the sleeve shirt is also could not help gently hao shiver, eyes flashed a color of fear, their intelligence is more sensitive than looking for fleeing forces, so it is also understand that day what was born...

Steady the hongchen of body shape, at the moment the facial expression is abnormal of gloomy, he sullen of saw Xiao Yan one eye, way: "have never thought of, you incredibly also be seven star dou Huang, hide to pour quite deep, pardonable Han jia will look for you, you have qualification to do my opponent, however, want to win me, with the force that you put to good use, return far enough!"

In the sky, two fuzzy figure like electricity mans flicker, and the people can only see the sky is a shadow, as to the ontology, the emperor even some fights the strong, can only vague saw 111111 looked at the been demons old ghost caught can constantly dodge ZSZSZSZ size, small medical fairy cheek is also a slight change, soon emerge in eyes malicious color, silver teeth a bit, With the change of the handprint, her breath also began to rise rapidly..." Before!

Han Tian fingerprint move, nine wind suddenly burst the wind whirl, immediately crazy rotation, to the center of the Xiao Yan tear and go. "This time, see how you hide!" Looking at the blockade of Xiao Yan, Han Tian big smile. "Setting!

Somewhere in the mainland.

At that time, perhaps a lot of people are laughing at the manpraying arm as the car like ignorance, but when a few years later, a young figure empty on the Cloud Lanshan, dull voice, pronounced the fate of the Cloud LAN Zong, finally is someone raised but remember that year scene, under the surprise, can not help but hush, as expected is mo bullying the young poor. Da such as water, a few years of time, the tender young is also transformed into a mature youth, these years, step by step in his place, leaving some things, and some name...

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