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"Thank you, father. A year from now, at the rite of passage, I'll shut all their noisy mouths." Xiao Yan pursed zipped mouth, light smile.

Shaking his head with a smile, Xiao Yan bowed his hand to Kagan and said with a smile: "Uncle Kagan, we will part here, thank you for your care all the way."

The place that Xiao Yan falls, just be a protruding stone stage, here, just can "enjoy" arrive the most fervent sunbathe.

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Far away, looking at Xiao Yan on the intimate action of the son, Xiao Ning face a smoke, jealous flame in his heart, so that he very anxious to rush past to the poor face mercilessly stepped on a few feet.

Although the appearance of the associated amethyst source is very hot, the liquid in it, however, is unusually warm and cool.

Medicine old glancing at the small face calm ZSZSZSZ, satisfactory nodded and smiled: "for others, it is true, but you are different, the basis of your body, as early as three years ago has solid and reliable, and these years you temper is strong, never falling cultivation of a day, so, now you based, for the teacher can not polite to say, very good!"

Before the weather gradually dark down, Xiao Yan finally arrived at the most close to the mountain of warcraft a small town.

At this time of mu Snake, both legs have been broken, pale face is extremely horrible, breathing is also lower and lower not to smell, obviously, he has reached the point of exhausted lamp dry.

Yunzhi left a volume of martial arts and fighting skills, Xiao Yan only learned the "burst step" fighting skills, as for that volume of martial arts, this thing for his practice of the weird "burning" people, it is like a chicken ribs, so, Xiao Yan had to be left out in the ring.

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Smiling and shaking his head, Xiao Zhan was obviously in a very good mood and asked Xiao Yan several questions about the old medicine, but they were confused by him. Finally, he did not ask anything.

"Bang!" Split off iron rod, xuan Heavy ruler continued to anger split down, finally will split the ground a deep dent.

Hearing the words, Xiao Yan one zheng, immediately frown big: "in the continent, as long as it is an individual, all want to become lianhe pharmacist, lianhe pharmacist, is no matter what people can be? Those harsh conditions..." Voice suddenly a meal, Xiao Yan fierce of rise, zhang big mouth: "I reached?"

"Don't think you're the only one!"

"Ha ha, this spirit fluid passes the gu Ni of our auction master to identify personally, taste rank belongs to 2 taste, will never give a problem, everybody can rest assured." Yafei laughed.

Struggling a little body, the mysterious woman slowly closed her eyes, opened them for a moment, gnawed her silver teeth and whispered, "Damn the guy, he has been sealed by it. Xiao Yan squatted in the corner of the cave, looking at the mysterious woman who could not move the body for half a day, innocent, but did not take the initiative to help in the past.

Eyes shrink, hard to insert the iron bar, but as if by a layer of invisible wind film isolation in general, in any case, are not hit down.

After thinking wildly, if Lin tutor shook his head, commanded two male students will faint outside the Gola carry in, bowed his head and looked at the wounds of Gola, immediately dai mei micro cu, some of the innocent face of xiao Yan one eye.

"Huh." Qiao nose wrinkle wrinkle, small doctor fairy toward Xiao Yan Yang Yang jade hand, way: "I went to pick up medicine, you literally walk around." So saying, he turned to some distant herbarium.

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