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"Very poisonous!" Looking at Xiao Yan's darkened fingers, Hai Bodong's expression changed greatly, and he lost his voice: "Didn't you say you refined it? How can it still have such a violent poison?"

"If they really want to be like this, then prepare to fight to the death..." Xiao Yan smiled faintly, lifted Hai Bodong on the stone, shrugged, and said with a smile, "Old Hai, do you think so?"

These rather mean words made Leo stunned for a moment, and then his old face turned ashen. In the years since he became an elder, no one has ever spoken to him like this.

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Xiao Yan smiled, turned his head to stare at Ya Fei, who had a delicate and pretty face, and suddenly asked, "By the way, can you help me check if there is anything in this auction that can restore the soul? strength?"

With his hands tucked into his sleeves, Xiao Yan stood at the door, closed his eyes slightly, and waited quietly.

"Alright... Then please." After a little pondering, Fa Qian nodded and said in a low voice.

Seeing Xiao Yan's disappointed appearance, Ya Fei shook her head helplessly, but she was more than enough.

Although he has a very precise prescription in his mind, Xiao Yan does not dare to be careless. The materials prepared this time are only three. No matter which one is missing due to mistakes, it will seriously increase the failure rate of refining. , This is absolutely unbearable for Xiao Yan, so even with his ability to control Qinglian Earth Heart Fire, he still does not dare to throw all the medicinal materials in a swarm, but chooses to extract two at a time. This insurance method of medicinal materials.

Otto's action made Xiao Yan nodded slightly. As expected of a person who can become the vice president of Heiyan City's Alchemist. Doing things is really watertight.

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in the field of medicine. A good medicine cauldron is of great help to the alchemist. When refining medicine pills. It can also significantly increase the success rate. And some quality lowland medicine tripods. The ability to withstand heat is not very high. This. It will lead to the time of alchemy. Maybe it will suddenly explode because of this. Medicine cauldrons also have quite fine grades. Level 1 to Level 8. from low to high. And above the eighth level. It is the "Tianding List" that Yao Lao once said. This level of medicine tripod. exist in the world. It seems that there are only thirteen. It can be seen from this. How precious is its value? And Xiao Yan often used the dark red cauldron. Broke the sky. It has only just reached the second level. Basically no effect.

As Chemier expected, after the light flickered several times on the machine, a big five-character suddenly appeared on the screen.

Flicking his fingers, a purple pill appeared between his two fingers, Xiao Yan threw it into his mouth, chewed it slightly, and then spit it out. The flame is in the palm of his hand.

South lobby. On the other hand, many cauldrons are burning vigorously, and some alchemists are behind the cauldron. The faces were solemnly controlling the fire, around them. Surrounded by low-level pharmacists, they pointed at each other. Whispered the experience of alchemy.

"Hey. A group of mediocrity..." On the quiet square. A sarcastic low smile. Suddenly sounded. of people glared at

He stared at the turquoise flames that were constantly churning. After a long time, under Xiao Yan's control, the cyan flames violently tossed, and the temperature suddenly rose. As the temperature increased, the faint black mist turned out to be out of thin air. Appeared in the center of the flame.

Otto on the side. Also felt the move of Chemier. But his face was slightly bitter. But there is no way to stop it. Depressed shook his head. lean on the back of the chair. Face up. He let out a long breath.

"Hey, lucky boy..." In the crowd, seeing two heavyweights supporting Xiao Yan, Liu Ling frowned slightly, pouted, and sneered.

"Brother Xiao Yan. I haven't seen you for three years. It seems that things have really changed. Even I'm almost gone." He smiled and looked at the handsome young man in front of him. The golden-robed woman took a deep breath. Plump breasts. Wrapped in a robe. Appears round and curvy. Very tempting. She raised her pretty face slightly. smiled.

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