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As soon as the voice fell, Scorpion Mountain suddenly took out a blue whistle from the receiver ring, and a whimper and a low-pitched sound came out.

Xie Zhen eyes apathetic looking at the ground struggling to stand up Wu Hao mouth corner disdain meaning more strong, footsteps gently, then slowly towards the injury of Wu Hao.

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"Hey hey, you probably don't know that I was a man of Ten Thousand Scorpions Sect long ago. Last time, I just wanted to hide and find out your details."Centigrade smiled coldly." I was looking for a chance to poison you, but it's a pity that you're too cautious, but it doesn't matter. Today you've got scorpions. I think you won't be able to live today. This Poison Sect will be under the command of the Ten Thousand Scorpions Sect in the future! ""

From the beginning when the five jade boxes were withdrawn, Xiao Yan is a feeling, I'm afraid the medicine exchange, will not be as smooth as the imagination, the result did not expect, this idea is really like willing to slightly overdo, Xiao Yan looked at the red-faced man standing behind him, a slight frown.

Thanks to the cold shout, those people in black around the Evil Fire Valley hurriedly answered the way, then slowly back away, and finally fanned off the mouth of the valley.

A deep sigh in the heart, titanium dharma palms a touch, a cloud of black fog suddenly from the separation, whirling suspended in front of it, the dark fog, full-bodied soul fluctuation.

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The light curtain also rippled under the continuous bombardment of grey clingy air, but it stood tenaciously, with no sign of dissipation.

Xiao Yan nodded with a smile and wandered around: "Thanks to the hammering method of the Little Doctor Immortal, otherwise it's really difficult to accept ten of these things."That's true. It's such a tiny trace that Xiao Yan has consumed two-thirds of the fighting energy in his body before refining it. If all the evil poison spots burst out, I'm afraid Xiao Yan really doesn't have any resistance.

Medusa lightly patted Ju Ziyan's head, and then Mei Mu glanced lightly at the bald-headed commander, who suddenly shivered and said with a dry smile: "Patriarch, it was just a misunderstanding, I just wanted to try. Try that Xiao Yan's skills, I don't want to do something to this cute little girl." Judging from Medusa's attitude towards Ziyan, the bald leader naturally understands how close the relationship between the two is, so he quickly spoke out to please him. .

For Medusa cold eyes, the little medical fairy did not say to refute, Xiao Yan poisoning, this matter and she really has no small relationship.

Heart burst, Scorpio Bi Yan face eyes of the residual life is fast fade, slice-after, is transformed into an ice-cold corpse.

"That being the case, let's start this exchange party. As a rule, choose the one with inferior quality first, and keep the high quality later."With a wave of his jade hand, the master of the Yao Fang pointed at the herbs on the stone platform, laughing and chanting the way.

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