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Seeing Xiao Yan's behavior like this, Elder Liu's eyes suddenly flashed a touch of anxiety, forced to suppress the impulse in his heart, aiming at Xiao Yan to the point that although the little fellow is rare, you should also know the value of the sixth-stage magic box, enough to rival the Warcraft beast of the emperors. How many people dare to beat his attention?Many elders in the inner court, besides the elder, maybe this sixth-stage magic box in my hand is the only one.

"It's exhausting for me to refine medicine village for you. Can't I do it for nothing?"Xiao Yan spread his hands," she said.

"I don't know," Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head, collected the medicine on the table, briefly said the previous thing again.

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Xiao Yan nodded, quickly took off his clothes, and then some can't wait to jump into the wood basin.

Medicine old faint smile.Xiao Yan stepped back by waving his hand. "I know your situation, so you don't have to be so murderous in front of me. Although I'm only in a state of soul and lose my strength, I really want to fight. I'm afraid you won't get anything cheap."

Almost all of the top 50 people in the inner house are at the top of the list.The battle between them, naturally, is extremely eye-catching, so, although this kind of competition contestants only top the top of the list of students are qualified, but this does not hinder the inner house colleges to its attention and expectations.

"It's been calmer outside these two days, haven't you?"She took a shallow sip of tea beside him.Xiao Yan suddenly asked with a bitter smile.

"Although Big Brother was seriously wounded, but fortunately, he saved a life with the help of the old man. He seems to have a very high position in the Mitel family. Therefore, the remaining Xiao family members, even under their secret protection, were transferred to the hangings of Yunlanzong. I came to the Canan College where I rode the flying beast, which was also borrowed by the Myrtle Family. Otherwise, depending on our present financial strength, I would have to go on foot to Canan College."

Looking at the little girl's behavior with her mouth slightly open, Xiao Yan's eyes were at a loss. Is this energy shield really a display? In his mind, he held out his hand and poked at the energy shield. However, his finger just touched that circle of mask, just like touching steel. It was used for a prick. The fingertip had a faint pain, but did not enter half a point. Obviously, this energy mask has extremely amazing defense... but... why can this little girl see nothing like nothing?

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During breakfast, he asked about the current situation of Panmen with Kun Er and others. He was relieved after he was sure everything was fine. In any case, he was always the leader of Panmen. Although the collar was a little irresponsible, he never denied his identity.

Slightly nodded, have seen him and snow demon sky ape battle scene, Xiao Yan naturally is not small peep this strong person, the heart a little ponder, really suddenly laughed and said: this second and third all have, who is the first?

In less than ten minutes, Xiao Yan's bones were almost completely shrouded in the mottled colors. At a glance, there were colorful colors everywhere, quite strange.

"It's all girls' quarrels today, and I don't want to trouble her, but Phil won't be beaten for nothing. If you meet in the big competition, you'll do your best

Deep collision sound constantly from the ring of war, to the end, the two figures because of the fight's efforts to blow out, unexpectedly can only vaguely see the vague two groups of light and shadow, strong air compression even if the body is more than ten meters away, some spectators still feel some breathing difficulties.

With the agitation of bubbles, suddenly, a trace of extremely thin gray smoke rising from it, these are contained in the magazines, to point out good quality pills, these magazines must be completely eliminated, or it may be because of impurities, and resulting in difficulty in making pills.

Old Yao had said when Xiao Yan got the lotus seeds, do not reveal them in front of outsiders.Otherwise hot people from greedy words will produce a lot of trouble, but this world is different from the past, today's Xiao Yan has not been a small fighting master, now many of the cards on the body, do not have to worry about these elders will salivate his things and secretly start.

"Xiang 'er, Wu * doesn't seem to be an opponent of the day, but this guy is really too impulsive."By the side of the young girl in green, a pretty girl dressed in red is very hot. She looks at the downcast figure in the scene. She smiles bitterly on her slightly pale face and says to the girl in blue next to her.

"What do you want?"Look at the frosty smile.Zi Yan immediately backed back a step, guard the road.

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