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"This competition, Xiao Yan wins!"

Chapter 538 Battle of Yao Sheng

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"Ha ha! I am Xiao Yan finally born green. Ha ha!"


In order to study the strength of those who are comparable to the fighting king, although only a casual strike, but that also has a force that can not be underestimated, therefore, although the body has the protection of Qi armor, but in the two just contact the moment, seems to be extremely strong air armor, almost with a degree of complete destruction, and in an extremely short time, armor completely cracked and that fierce force, is ruthless through the air armor, bombarded between the legs, so a mournful cry, in the square hissing lungs up.

"Very fast" stands, many people are here to swallow mouth spit, surprised murmured, they know, the previous Bai Cheng like a ghost-like attack, in exchange for their face words, I'm afraid only in the body was a long gun hole through, can you detect it?

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Xiao Yan frowned. Xiao Yan's figure flashed and swept to the outer edge of the stronghold. "Fan Biao is dead," he shouted. "How dare you stay here?"

Such terrible destructive power, even in the battle of the king's peak strong, is quite rare!

Into the sky immolation gas tower, the bright light suddenly became dim a lot, Xiao Yan looked up, but saw Su Qian is staying here, seems to be waiting for them in general.

The dispersion of fighting qi not only disperses Fan's mind, but also causes his attack to slow down and weaken.

He took a deep breath of slightly cool air, Xiao Yan's eyes stared at the opposite calm Liu Qing, he was clear in his heart, and such strength is not only overbearing, but also the combat experience is also rich in a mess of opponents rise, the longer the time dragged on the more adverse to its, so, want to maximize the increase of the odds, then it is necessary in the shortest time, to achieve the greatest attack effect.

Heart thought flash and pass, between the light stone fire, Xiao Yan arm is abrupt.Trembling, the green flame over the fist suddenly comes out, turns into a clear flame ball, facing Fan tuberculosis violent away!

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