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Small hands some boring off xiao Ning a close body attack, xun son eyes at will in the lobby turned a circle, after a moment, suddenly fierce stop.

In ZSZSZSZ know a woman, is the most moving, and is the impeccable beauty and mystery, elegant princess is the charm that lookers temptation, Xiao Yu those sexy long * *, every time let ZSZSZSZ eye could't linger on it, but in front of the Bai Qun woman, I'm afraid is all women, the waist is the most delicate and tender.

Corners of the mouth a smoke, two elders cold hum: "I hope, I also hope he can bring me some surprise."

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"Cheep, a lousy cargo just, last time I also saw her by two colonel to top, but look, she didn't dare to three colonel say this matter, hey hey."

"Well... In the future, if there is an opportunity, I look for your xiao family cooperation." Smiled, black robe person turn round to face elegant princess two people way: "need not send, I still have matter, walked first."

"Xiao Yan brother after half a year does not plan to enter Canaan College?" Beside, look at xiao Yan that interest lack of appearance, xun son softly asked.

Shrugged his shoulders, Xiao Yan had to close his eyes according to the words, the mind quickly transferred to the meridians in the arm, the mind slightly a detection, is some consternation now, the left arm meridians in the fight, not only than other meridians in the flow of the fight to a lot of strong, and. The energy in the fight here seems to be a little stronger than elsewhere.

"Why are you attacking me?

"Small haze, quick walk!" Leaping into the eagle's body, the doctor urged.

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"I don't want to lose that three-year engagement to her. Do you know what I've done these last two years... She's the reason I've been able to survive these penances." Xiao Yan rolled over. Looking up at the silver moon in the sky. Hold out your palm. Hsu narrowed her eyes faintly.

Sulky old face, two elders angrily came over, toward Xiao Yu nu drink way: "the stage now, you have no challenge of authority, immediately go back, if again destroy the ceremony held, on the direct close a month closed!"

Xiao Yan throat rolled once, with dou Huang level, actually dare and dou Zong strong challenge, and it seems that the other side left a deep mark, for this kind of person, Xiao Yan had to use these two words to describe.

"Well, is there nothing to be done? Look at xiao Yan that pair of depressed appearance, the Xiao Yu that after death is talking with smoked son Xiao Mei two female, immediately satisfied light hum 1.

When the qi of dou shrinks to the size of only two hands, it freezes again.

"Ah, Master Mully, it's morning. How can you break into my tent?" Smiling at the mercenaries, the doctor turned his head and smiled at muli, who looked a little less handsome.

Threw the pink in the hands of a "ring", ZSZSZSZ some joy, the ring is made from a kind of rare materials called "stone" by casting, there was a special little space, can be stored without anything in life, is very convenient, but due to the scarce "stone", it also lead to "quit" precious, like it the lowest ZSZSZSZ hand "ring", The space inside, also only three or four square meters of appearance, but around is so, its price should be close to one hundred thousand gold coins, in xiao home, Xiao Yan also only saw his father and elder have a ring of this kind.

"This is? Eyes doubt of blink, the middle-aged person carefully picked up the white jade bottle, nose in the mouth of the bottle gently sniff sniff, a moment later, the face slightly changed, once again looked at Xiao Yan's vision, more than a trace of awe: "adults are lian pharmacist?"

Facial expression is indifferent, the white flame of medicine old hand flaps slightly, engulf that purple leaf orchid grass among them... The flames were billowing, and the purple clover was almost instantly burned into a little green mass of liquid...

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