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"Haha. This conference is a gathering of heroes. It seems that there is a good show to watch." Nalansu laughed at the side.

"Not bad." Wen Yan. Ya Fei's words came out of her mouth. But then. When she noticed something, she hurriedly stopped. His eyes were fixed on Tengshan. He said softly, "What do you mean by the words of the elder?"

For his threat, Xiao Yan spread his hands indifferently, and withdrew his gaze. Seeing the alchemists around him who were still looking at him, he hesitated for a while, and then silently picked up the stone platform that was still there. One of the "Hot lucidum", and then threw it away at will.

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Ignore the sharp eyes around me that are like knives. Xiao Yan smiled at the golden-robed woman who stared at him blankly. Soft smile. Dark eyes. Vaguely is as clear as three years ago.

Xiao Yan smiled at Hai Bodong, looked down at the dark fingers, the emotion in his eyes was quite exciting, the destructive power of this branding poison was far beyond his expectations, and it was somewhat inexplicable. The strange way of attacking made Xiao Yan feel a little apprehensive in his heart.

Otto on the side. Also felt the move of Chemier. But his face was slightly bitter. But there is no way to stop it. Depressed shook his head. lean on the back of the chair. Face up. He let out a long breath.

"Too much up and down? What do you mean?" Hearing this, Xiao Yan's heart moved slightly. asked in a low voice.

three years. Xiao Yan also changed some things. But in general. this change. It is good.

"Six times?" Hearing Otto's words, Frank's face was suddenly filled with surprise, and he praised: "It's amazing, at such an age, to be able to reach this point, he is indeed a disciple of Furukawa."

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Two hundred and seventieth eight chapters cheap bones

"Huh, it's better to be more comfortable when you change back to your appearance, and at least be able to use your strength 100%." ​​Feeling the surging power circulating in the body, the middle-aged man smiled with satisfaction and said lightly.

Walk out of the hall with a glass of wine. Ya Fei stood by the pillar. Shaking the wine glass. Thinking of the fierce momentum Xiao Yan had in the previous battle. A little lost. I haven't seen you for over a year. The young boy at the beginning. It is such a self-confidence that has transformed.

Raising his eyes slightly, Xiao Yan glanced at this old man who was obviously not low-ranking in the Alchemist Guild. He was wearing an extremely delicate robe, with a smile on his wrinkled face, which was slightly cloudy. In the eyes, calm and gentle, at first glance, apart from the robe that represents the identity on the body and the four silver ripples on the chest that flash with strange light, it looks like an ordinary old man, not too special. The momentum, however, is this ordinary old man, who controls nearly half of the power of the Alchemist Guild.

Whispering in a low voice, at a certain moment, Fa Yan's face suddenly changed. He suddenly noticed that in Xiao Yan's medicine cauldron, the peaceful flame suddenly became chaotic. This is the flame transition room, the easiest to appear and the most difficult mistakes to avoid.

"Haha. Old man Bing. I didn't expect to see each other for decades. Your strength is not advancing and retreating. Back then, your ice offensive. Even I should be afraid of the third. But now the power is greatly reduced." Again Violent collision. in yellow light. There was a great old laughter.


Standing on the roof like an idiot. Mu Zhan stared blankly as Xiao Yan disappeared. After a while. Turn your head. But he saw Nalan Yanran and the others behind him. Also surprised.

"Okay. You leave the academy first. Don't stay here for a long time.) If you are caught, you will have to be surrounded by that arrogant old dean again." After finishing all the instructions. Xun Er waved his hand just now. reminded.

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