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Whole day burn gas tower after the initial shock, immediately day burn gas tower activation message again, like a wind from the tower, with a degree of terror, spread throughout the whole of the inner court, and at that time, almost all of the students, are all a hotchpotch of ecstasy, a day burn gas tower of the inner court, is a true inner court.

Xiao Yan in the magma world's first practice, did not last too long time, about an hour or so, that closed eyes is slowly opened, dark eyes over a few fire aung, a hot breath down the throat spewed out, finally slowly dissipated.

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Hearing the words, Xiao Yan nodded silently, he understood that Su Qian said this is also want to let oneself not too because of the inner courtyard of the fall of heart and mind, the present heart is also slightly touched, smile: "Elder rest assured, I will try my best to make a burning gas tower for the sky" heart"

In the space channel, the degree of the space ship is extremely horrible, almost with the stars catch the moon to describe

Stone door body black, its covered with some moss, faint connected with a thick.

Out of the sky burning gas tower, Su Qian directly led Xiao Yan rushed to the depths of the inner hospital of the elder council hall, to recruit people, he had sent an elder will small doctor fairy and others please go there.

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'Crack fire!

Know the location, Han Xue is also quickly speed up, led Xiao Yan and Han Lin two people, after crossing many paths, a very atmospheric living room, out of the sight of Xiao Yan now, and far away, Xiao Yan is able to faintly look outside the assembly hall gathered by many figures.

Looking at the embarrassed escape from the carriage of Xiao Yan, Han Xue is also a zheng, a moment later, some smile, from and to the former after the first glance, she is never seen this such as ancient Wells as unfazed youth showed such a look, did not expect now in her words, actually is such a reaction, when it is really interesting.

On the seat, looking at the countless surging soul, The grim smile on Han Feng's face, more and more sheng.

"Really want to say, hong home be afraid just be the strongest family of day north city, even if it is my Han home, also want to be inferior than it slightly one piece, and the mainest, this hong home and wind thunder pavilion have a few relations, its this generation most outstanding Hong Chen, be the person of wind thunder pavilion, and get seriously quite among them." Han Chong sighed and smiled sadly: "It is by virtue of this big tree that the Hong family has been able to increase its reputation and influence in just a few years. After all, in the north of Zhongzhou, the Fenglei Pavilion is also one of the best first-class forces. Compared with it, our Han family is much different. "Wind and Thunder pavilion?" Hearing the name of this familiar wish again, Xiao Yan's eyes were also a flash of consternation

This stone platform just occupies the central position of the square, daylight sweep, just can commanding

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