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Tiaohezhen chain because Xiao Yan guessed their identity and did not stay at all, that group of black fog started extremely fierce, so a hand is the real killer!If this chain hits Xiao Yan's body, I'm afraid it will kill him immediately!

The dialogue between the two people in the field, but also spread to the edge of the square stand, but everyone did not feel Liu Qing arrogant arrogant, but in the heart secretly exclamation, worthy of the gun Liu Qing, so aggressive, several people in the inner court can rival, and this, is the strength brought by the gap, if Liu Qing did not have this strength and say such words, I'm afraid on the spot must be scolded in the heart do arrogant bar.

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I don't know how long it lasted in the dark. Maybe a year, maybe decades, no one.

"Besides, I have a hunch that the day seems not far away."

His face looks at the energy net formed by the spot on the sky, Su Qian hands move the seal knot quickly, twirling fingers fierce finger energy network center, suddenly, an extremely huge energy burst out, finally perfusion into it!

Smiling at the blue and white gold and silver, Su Qian did not take advantage of the situation pursuit, turned his head, looked at the center of the terrible flame storm, this kind of energy collision, even with his strength, is a little nervous.

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This moment, the real amazing explosion, the birth of a bang!

"Next you want to go to your brother's place?"Lin Yan smiled and said," I know about your second elder brother, because I was just going out to protect him secretly by the Presbyterian Sect at the beginning, but then after his strength greatly increased, it was me, but he almost fought."

"Where's Doujing?Where's the fight?"

Looking up and gazing at the huge dark blue fire curtain, Xiao Yan's armband gently waved, a stream of green flame, began to rise from the body and emerge, and finally the whole person is wrapped in.

Han Feng, between his palms, two two-color flaming guns gathered quickly, staring closely at the more and more approaching invisible python, when it was about to reach a distance of 10 meters, a fierce stare in his eyes shouted, "Attack!""

Bai Cheng stands in place with a long spear in his hand. His face is as pale as white paper. His secret skill, no matter how long it lasts or anything else, is not as powerful as the sky fire of dancing. Therefore, after exerting his strongest fighting skill, he has lost his fighting capacity completely. At this moment, he can only pray that his attack will defeat Xiao Yan thoroughly.

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