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Suddenly the closed door slowly opened, the sound of a crisp door opening reverberated quietly in the hall.

Hearing Xiao Yan's threat, Ziyan quickly closed J1 mouth, then quickly grabbed the former sleeve, signaling that his position must be on his side.

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Xiao Ding smiled and glanced at Xiao Yan and whispered, "Alliance name, only two words, we call it.SCCM-AdminUI.exe

"Let's make a deal, shall we?"Xiao Yan knocked on her painful head and said helplessly.

The desolate deep valley, time passes quietly, and in a certain day, the same deep valley is finally a trace of different from the past movement, I saw the sky slowly spinning huge energy vortex, suddenly and gradually stop running, then the tremendous energy like rain pouring down, finally into two such as mountain torrential huge energy practice, two pairs of training, one straight into the weeds buried cave, the other, but directly fell into the weeds that was covered cocoon light.

In the feeling of the four strong overbearing degree, Xiao Yan heart a little sigh of relief, as long as it is not Dou Zong strong, that he will not be too much fear, with his ability, fighting emperor step farewell, want to stay his people, should not many.

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There are also many core members of the Mitel family in the hall, but at the moment these Xiao Ding and Xiao's family brought a lot of trouble to the Mitel family, but they are a face of reverence, occasionally talking with Xiao Ding, but also a polite smile, after the previous scene, they have understood that from now on, the Xiao family, which could only survive under the protection of the Mitel family, will leap into one of the most powerful forces of the Garma Empire, even the Mitel family feel less.

Looking at the green ruler in the pupil of the eye, the eye pupil of the cloud mountain slightly constricted, a whirling sound sink drink.

Looking at the emergence of so many strong people, Xiao Yan's face is also slightly changed, with his soul perception, he can notice, here, light fighting emperor strong is three, plus Mulan two old men, is enough five emperor fighting strong people, this joint, even Xiao Yan, but also temporarily avoid the force ah.

"I didn't deserve it. I didn't expect Xiao Yan to be the leader of the Yan League."" Kagang has no way of knowing that Xiao Yan, the master of the Yan robbers, is a bit too far away for him to be the honest soldier who has seen the strongest man in his life. He never thought that the young man who happened to meet in the mountains would become the most powerful master of the Kama Empire in a few years.

".Finally it is to succeed, looking at the slowly rolling milky white elixir in the flame, Xiao Yan heart a touch of subtle excitement, but it is not dare to have a bit of relaxation, continue to increase the strength of the soul, watching any move of pills, if in this and when because of a little accident and lead to the destruction of Dan, then Xiao Yan really want to cry no place to go.

Xiao Yan was stunned and nodded his head slightly. Two days later, even medicine was a little uneasy... "

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